Since my decision to attempt a thru-hike, I’ve had my work cut out for me; researching and buying gear, studying maps/topography and learning as much as I could from other AT hikers. By far however my food preparation has been the most time consuming. Since I’m a vegetarian (plus I’m hiking with a dog), I won’t be dropping by McDonalds in a trail town.

My kitchen work station
My kitchen work station

So I purchased a dehydrator and got to work. I searched for recipes that would dehydrate well and armed with them the cooking began! I soon had my kitchen turned into an assembly line; cook, dehydrate and bag. It turned into a 24 hour process because I was dehydrating day and night. I even slept in the living room so I could get up during the night and rotate the dehydrator trays. I would definitely recommend that anyone going this route begin at last 6 months in advance and store the dehydrated food in your freezer.

2 thoughts on “My Inner Foodie Takes Control

    1. I’d love to share some recipes that I used. Having major internet lag so will post tomorrow. Thx for asking and I agree – always a struggle…

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