Day Tripping

Finally being on the AT was exhilarating, even if for just a few days. I hadn’t figured out my UL Big Agnes tent so had an older one. It’s funny how our minds perceive certain things; I’d looked at that tent dozens of times, watched a a You Tube video, and still couldn’t figure it out. Sometimes the simplest things confuse me the most because I think as a society we’ve grown accustomed to intricate directions written in a plethora of languages and online tutorials. The days of “connect A to B” are long gone.

My iPhone really used a lot of power taking videos even though I kept it in airplane mode. It’s in a Mophie case which I turned on by the time I’d reached Saddleback Stream. When I left that morning I didn’t plan on staying out so didn’t bring the battery charger. Big mistake which I won’t make again because I want to capture as much of the trail as possible either in photos or video.

Setting up the old tent was a breeze as was inflating the Big Agnes Q Core. I was glad that I’d chosen a down sleeping bag with a rating of 15 because I’m a cold sleeper. My hard work dehydrating foods paid off because the meals I’d brought rehydrated beautifully. Here I was in the middle of the woods of Maine eating Spanish rice & beans while BB chomped down on her rehydrated Honest Kitchen food. I’d brought sleeping pills as suggested in case the night sounds bothered me. They did spook me a bit but I was afraid if I took a sleeper I wouldn’t wake up if there was a problem (like Bigfoot stopping in for a nocturnal visit). I’d decided before the hike that I’d keep BB leashed to my waist strap during the night in case she decided to get up and sneak out but to the best of my knowledge she didn’t even try. We woke around 0600 and had breakfast. Gotta love the JetBoil Mini Mo – heats water quickly and efficiently. Only problem is the “sparker” isn’t working so used matches. Hopefully my friend who’s going to help me figure out my tent can look at the stove as well. I cleaned up camp and decided to try and make it to Saddleback and Route 27. By this time I was berating myself for not configuring my inReach correctly because I was encountering glitches. I’d spent so much time cooking and dehydrating that I shortchanged my gear. No big deal though because I’d fix it when I got home. This trip wasn’t about sweating the small things; I do enough of that at home with my AAA personality. This trip was about not caring about anything but the present. I refuse to get agita over things out of my control, worry about what ifs or has beens.

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