Glad to be home but anxious to return. I’m grounded for rest of the week but for a good reason – I am loved. Apparently a black bear attacked a teenage boy in the Smokies a few days ago. Young man is so lucky he didn’t lose an eye. My daughter is concerned because Maine has a black bear population so she ordered bear spray from Amazon which is scheduled for delivery Friday. It’s going to add another 11 ounces to my weight but who am I to complain? I feel blessed to have a daughter that loves me so much. My friend came over and assembled the tent in a matter of minutes. How many ways can I say Duhhhh@me? I’m going to set it up several times before going back out to make sure I’ve mastered it. He also looked at my JetBoil and it has a broken igniter wire. I could just continue to use matches but considering it was over $100 I think I’ll exchange it at LL Bean. I’m just tired of gear replacements and shopping in general; I’d rather be hiking. I do have one more thing to buy though, a life jacket for BB. I’d feel better with her wearing one when we ford. She’ll be attached at my waist and if for some reason I drop her she’ll be safe with a jacket until I can scoop her back up. She looks small but she’s actually 25#.

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