Rain, Rain Go Away

I’ve done 89 miles since June 7 which isn’t too bad considering the terrain. The AT is somewhat convoluted in Western Maine as it seems to weave and crisscross. The good thing however is that after being on it for almost a week,  AWOL’s Guide finally makes sense. Previously it felt like reading hieroglyphics whenever I tried to study it but once I started hiking and got a visual feel for the trail, the guide made sense. (💡) .

So far I’ve been doing a combination of day hikes and a few overnighters because my daughter has been joining me but  can’t do overnights. However I’m almost to a point where coming home at the end of the day would involve a lengthy drive so towards the end of the week I’ll start staying out until I’ve completed Katahdin. After that  I’ll return home to get on the trail where I initially started only this time to go SOBO.

Today I spent quite awhile in the Sugarloaf area where I saw a young moose. Of course he appeared as I was digging through my stuffed pack and by the time I was ready to take a picture he’d disappeared. I’m sure there will be many more sightings as moose are common in Maine. While I was hanging at Sugarloaf I decided that my backpack was too heavy and both ascending and descending inclines were more difficult because of it. With my 3 L bladder full and several days of food it weighed 40# ~ too much. Last week Matt, owner of  Tumbledown Brewing in Farmington, helped adjust the pack and gave me valuable insight as to the most efficient way to pack. Today after returning home I touched base with another hiker and she helped set me on a lighter course. That, coupled with the advice from Matt, made a huge difference. My self made first aid kit had so many items that it probably would have worked in a war zone; definitely an overkill. I ordered a lighter but equally efficient water filter from REI which will hopefully arrive soon. Based on my hiking friend’s suggestions I swapped out a lot of clothes.  Then came the really hard part. It was “very difficult” to thin out the assorted hair products I’d packed to maintain “The Bush” but it had to be done. I’ll just have to stop every once in a while to have it weed whacked. End of that problem.

Showers are forecasted again tomorrow but I have a pack cover so am headed back out. I actually find the woods somewhat tranquil during rain but not sure if Bailey B will feel the same. So far she’s been a champ but…….

4 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Go Away

  1. It’s good that you are able to listen to and put to use good advice. It is difficult to set aside things that seem practical and essential for safety and comfort but in reality food, water and shelter are where to concentrate. With the lightweight options available, I wonder how we made it with those old Boy Scout canvas packs and metal canteens. Youth, I guess. I’m reminded of the stories of discarded furniture and household items along the Oregon Trail as the Easterners moved west across the plains. March on!

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