Hiking Maine

Hiking Maine is something I definitely don’t recommend doing solo if at all possible. And if solo is your only option then carry a GPS device such as the InReach or Spot which will allow you to send an SOS. I’ll admit I got off trail near Saddleback but luckily found my way back to it by following the sound of the stream. It gave rise to the thought ” What if I REALLY did get lost?”. I’ve seen online comments that nobody can get lost on the AT in Maine because it’s well marked. Wrong! I passaged several areas in the Western Mountains where the blazes were faded and almost unrecognizable. It’s early in the season and NOBO’s are arriving slowly and SOBO’s just starting so one doesn’t see a myriad of footprints in the bogs etc. to indicate you’re on the correct path. To date I’ve seen two SOBO, two NOBO, a family of four day hikers and Mr. Magoo’s twin brother. So when I got off trail I just relied on sound because every time I looked at my InReach it told me a waypoint was “.2 miles” – no matter where I was or what direction I was headed. Then I sent a test message from the InReach and it took almost an hour to send leading me to the conclusion that GPS was sketchy. BUT at least it finally went so even if just used for an emergency it’s well worth the cost in my opinion. Several times while navigating the rugged terrain I thought ” What if I fall?”which again made me thankful I had a GPS transmitter. The other day a man from Texas fell and broke his ankle. It took rescue crews over 4 hours to get him out because the area was so rugged. Sad way to end his hike that began in GA. I wish I had a partner for the rest of Maine but since I don’t it’s carry on Quickie. Two more days of hiking and I’ll be done with the rugged terrain – for a little while. I estimate I’ll summit Katahdin around July 12 – give or take two days. Usually the AT in Maine takes about one month to traverse so my time is on target considering I had some missed opportunities. I’ve decided however to take BB home and leave her there until I’ve completed Maine. The terrain is just to difficult and I don’t want her getting hurt. When we walk through bogs she sinks almost to her tummy.

Piazza Rock
               Piazza Rock
BB at Saddlback
Enroute to Saddleback
  Enroute to Saddleback

Having her tethered to my waist is difficult because the lead gets caught on roots or rocks requiring me to free her multiple times. It’s hard to take pictures because I’m never really hands free. I’ve also noticed more wildlife activity in the woods after 3pm which frightens BB. I hear noises that I don’t hear earlier in the day, especially the eerie scream of fishers.
I’ve also come to the conclusion that peakbagging the 3000 and 4000 footers carrying my backpack is really hard. I was concerned about my “fake knees” but it’s the metal in my ankle that seems to ache with the activity/extra weight. So I’m tackling the mountain ranges as day hikes carrying a lighter day pack. I’ve always complained because living in the Western Mountains of Maine means a lengthy car drive for most things. For the AT however it’s manna from heaven because I live right in the middle of them. I know; I’m getting spoiled by being able to return home at the end of a day but that luxury is quicky coming to an end. I’m ready!!!

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