This is definitely my shortest post ever. I want to shout from the rooftop although in the Western Mountains of Maine there are only trees.

I HAVE WON! My four-year battle with a Whistleblower case is over! I honestly think the ultra prestigious law firm that represented the nursing facility was testing me because they were adamant about taking it to trial. We had jury selection the end of last week. The corporate climbing female lawyer told me how she was looking forward to having me on the witness stand. My response?  “No dear. Actually the pleasure will be all mine”. I bluff quite well I’ve discovered because I was actually quaking in my Danskos. The most important component is I refused to sign a confidentiality agreement. Non-negotiable. To agree to keep quiet was never a bargaining chip on the table. Because by doing so, what would that say about my ethical obligation to a patient? The very situation that started this legal battle?  That I cared more about money than morals and respect. That was how I viewed it.

So even though technically I’ve won, I feel more as if a victory albeit it small has been achieved for patients who for whatever reason, don’t realize they have the right to speak up, speak out and be treated with respect. My only regret is that my dear friend is no longer here to share this with; he too lost his job merely because he was at the top of the pay scale. His 22 year old replacement was paid half the weekly salary. How sad…

“…Because Faith is merely the road that leads us to the Greater Love…”


3 thoughts on “I Am Beyond Blessed

  1. Thank you so much!!! This was a total & complete shock to me. When I received the unexpected phone call I had to find my voice, then I burst into tears. I haven’t even absorbed it all because I’ve had an action packed week helping a friend prepare for a huge yard sale (she closed her doggy daycare after many yrs) and taking my own dog to begin acupuncture. And living in a mountainous region, Inseem to primarily travel in no sevice areas. But thanks so much. Now I guess I have to lose those pesky 15# I gained through this chapter. Hahahahaha

    1. Well, you’ve achieved so much this week, it’s kept you occupied and positive, the cherry on the metaphorical cake being your victory! Shifting 15# should be no problem! Have a lovely weekend x

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