Wrote this at 1 am  this morning …

I feel a major whine coming on! Why can’t I enjoy summer? Go ahead and ask. No? Don’t want to ask me? Well I’ll tell you anyway. I CAN’T enjoy summer because nearly seven days a week I have to listen to gunfire during daylight hours than once dusk falls its firecrackers. Today is July 3 and the gunfire started around 11 am, reverberating through the woods. and mountains. Then as usual when darkness fell the firecrackers started. Thought they really amped it up due to the holiday weekend. If I knew who they were and where they were lighting up I’d stick a cherry bomb up their ass.

How do you like me now bubba???

I moved to the Western Mountains of Maine from a very urban area over ten years ago. At the time I thought I was buying a little slice of heaven; over 30 wooded acres beginning from bottom of my  driveway and extending up into a mountain. I live in a 2 story log home at the top of a steep 825′ driveway ~ definitely not visible from the road.

Bucolic ~ not!

It’s bad enough the hunting season (the first of several) begins in August and the dogs and I have to outfit ourselves in bright orange when we hike lest we be mistaken for a black bear and shot! The hunting seasons end in December but I never bargained for all the shooting. A resident or visitor is not allowed to discharge a weapon  on Sunday yet it happens every week without fail. Calling the authorities is an effort in futility. I live in the willy whacks ~ how could anyone pinpoint where the shots are coming from?


My bucolic hideaway turned into a nightmare. My property abuts the river which means it’s private but no one is phased by the “Private Property” or “No Trespassing” signs I painstakingly nailed, hammered and staked over my entire acreage, especially the river area. It’s so beautiful there; pristine, quiet ~ the perfect place to relax. Also, where else can you take a couple of really big German Shepherds and have such fun?

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I often find fire residue, shell casings along with nasty garbage, evidence of burning and a plethora of what I have learned is the #1 favorite beer in Maine ~ Bud Light. I eben found a “sex toy” once!!! On MY riverbank! Come here ~ I’ll give you a toy!

Places 004
My home away from home

In 2012 fireworks became legal here and my summer peace came to an abrupt halt. One eventually becomes accustomed to the sound of gunfire during the day but now the nights are disrupted by the never-ending boom of firecrackers and such. We recently had a forest fire burn for about 10 days during a particularly dry spell and I have to wonder if an errant spark caused it. Tonight they started about 9pm and it lasted until after midnight! I’ve mentioned how annoying the constant din ~ no make that freaking booming, is to people in casual conversation and they don’t see anything wrong with it. Obviously I’m from another planet where the inhabitants are more sensitive to the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Makes me long for concrete under my feet and the whooshing sound a subway!

A firecracker and a box of matches = lost sanity!




13 thoughts on “Caution! Major Whine Around The Corner…

  1. Be careful…sounds really worrying. So many people are injured and so much damage caused it’s ridiculous to make them legal- they’re practically bombs. Almost grateful all I have to put up with is backfiring motorbikes and excessively loud music. Stay safe!

    1. As I just commented to someone else, I’m seriously thinking of moving. I don’t feel safe to hike in my own woods. I’m always kicking out of state hunters off my property…just ridiculous. And the firecrackers etc actually go on at night well into fall. Last year they were doing them on Thanksgiving. Give me a break!

      1. Infuriating. Don’t suppose fencing it off would be a possibility, or does it have to remain open because of the animals? Obviously I realise you would have a fair bit to cover…

      2. I can’t fence it off because of the terrain although i do have a 6′ chain link fence around the back “yard”. It’s 6:50pm now and they are shooting guns AND firecrackers. I ran down to the river a bit ago and found a gang of 20 somethings there whooping it up. I was grinding my jaw as I nicely tried t tell them that they obviously didn’t see the many Private Property signs. Then they made the mistake of copping an attitude with me. Big no no, especially to someone who is accompanied by a dog so well trained she’s like a precision machine. Lets just say between my mouth and a display of Inga’s ability to follow commands, they left. First I made them take their beer cans. What is it about Maine and Bud Light???? So when I look for a new place to call home, I’ll have to check the state fireworks law I see. hahahaha

      3. Sounds horrible. Glad you had a good dog with you-I’d worry far more about my mother if she didn’t have Erin. There’s nothing more impressive than a well-trained GSD so I bet they were terrified. As for fireworks law, good idea to check. All they did here was make a law where you’re “not supposed” to let them off after 12…hardly enforceable. Fingers crossed it works out for you .

    1. Thx! I’m seriously considering moving though. This is the 4th year of this nonsense which actually goes well into the fall. I just don’t feel the dogs and I are as safe as we could be unless we are decked out in neon all the time. Plus I’m tired of kicking hunters from out of state off my property. It’s as if people have lost respect for boundaries.

  2. Don’t tempt me! hahahaha. I just finished removing a gang of kids from my river by a very subtle demonstration of how well trained my GSD Inga is. I really have zero tolerance for mouth gangbanger wannabes.

  3. The fireworks/crackers continued till nearly 1 am. It was beyond annoying! Actually my
    GSDs, Inga and Sasha (litter sisters) were both in Schutzhund training until Sasha was sidelined by the FCE (spinal stroke) in 2011. There are (3) levels; Inga completed the first (2) and working on the final one. Sasha started training a bit later as I didn’t get “custody” of her until she was a year old. She had almost completed level (2) when she had the neuro incident. Both of them however continued working w/me at home with tracking, protection etc ( just no fence climbing etc for Sasha haha). Inga is particularly intimidating as she’s bigger. I think what freaked the trespassers the most was my command to her as both dogs were taught command in German. Looking back at yesterday the river incident is funny because using her commands I sort of put on a little display. Nothing aggressive at all ~ just the typical sit, stay, down, seek but it freaked them out. I agree on the protection a trained dog offers. I just don’t like the out of control dogs that indiscriminately bite and owners think it’s funny. The dog winds up paying because the owners are irresponsible. Sad…

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