Has everybody in the world gone freaking nuts or is it just me??? I am dealing with a pompous asshole vet from CA who developed the protocol that has successfully reversed SARDS Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) for over 200 dogs. He is an unmitigated prick ~ plain and simple. I sent him a short albeit pleasant email about Sasha’s medications earlier this evening. His response? “Whatever floats your boat”. The other day I also emailed him because Sasha had such severe distress over the weekend because her medication was increased from 8mg to 10mg. He had the balls to write and tell me that “Sasha wants to get better but you are too close to the situation. She will get well if you leave her alone”. I’m too close? Should I hand her over to a stranger and ask them to monitor all her meds and lab tests? ” Oh yes then he called me on the phone a few minutes later. Because I was crying over Sasha’s sad state, I didn’t look at Caller ID ~ just answered. He immediately became annoyed that I was crying, cursed then told me to “Cool it”. Tells me to cool it???  What the fuck is this? Happy Days and he’s Fonzie?????

What kind of asshole tells that to a pet owner? Or a human patient?? He is so lucky he lives on the opposite coast because he and I would be having words face to face. Nobody but nobody is allowed to be dismissive and cavalier when it comes to my dogs health and well-being. Call me “The Crazy Dog Lady” but every dog I’ve been blessed to have in my life has given me unconditional love which is a hell of a lot more than most people have given me.  I was forwarned about his cantankerous and abrasive personality but when dealing with MY dog’s health, you answer my questions in a responsible and professional manner. You don’t fucking say “Whatever floats your boat”. What a freaking piece of work!

Ok I’m done ranting.


3 thoughts on “*Warning* Profanity Laden Dog Post

      1. If he was English, I’d say report him to the B.V.A. I assume there’ s an American equivalent, but then again, you don’t want to jeopodise Sasha’s treatment. Difficult to know what to advise but hope she continues to improve x

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