I’ve gone over and over Word Press and I’m obviously missing something but then again, I always joke and say that I need to see the instructional DVD on anything.

Here’s what I want to do if possible. I want a separate blog which I can use to focus on K9s, specifically the way some are forgotten in hot squad cars and subsequently die as well as ones that are abused by their partner. Point in case, I read about the hot car death of K9 Robbie from Alachua County Florida only to learn of the way the same officer “euthanized” a previous K9 which he adopted when the dog retired.

This began with my outrage over a dog names Tottie who was with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. If you read my post, you know that K9 Tottie died in July 2016 after being forgotten in the car for over two hours by her handler. From there it morphed into the fact that K9 deaths in the USA, because of being “forgotten”, are escalating. When I read about  Lt. Daniel Peabody of the Cherokee County School District in Georgia  I was beyond mortified and began researching. I don’t like what I’m finding but the character limitations of Twitter prevent me from saying much. As for Facebook, I’ve noticed that users like pretty pictures, quotes or catching up with friends and family. Neither is the forum for what I need to say.

What I don’t know is how to make a separate blog specifically for this topic but one that can’t be liked to A Vegetarian Gammy Takes A Hike. Is that possible and where do I go to figure it out? I just really want to keep the two completely separate. Finally, this blog is one I pay for yearly; does that come into play at all in creating a separate one?










13 thoughts on “Looking For Some Blogging Help…

  1. Not entirely sure..you can set up another WP site under another name and use that specifically for K9’s-actually just going to get my son to explain(better than me lol):

    Hi there! Samantha’s son here 🙂 so as far as I understand you can create a totally new WP account separate from this one you have now completely. You won’t have to pay for it unless you select the option to. So what you want to do is go to your WP site and sign out… there you should have the options to either Sign In or Create Account or whatever… simply click create account and go through the process of creating a new website, domain, theme etc. Hope this helps
    Is this the sort of thing you wanted to know? Hope it’s useful somehow…

      1. Hi, Alex here! You will need to make a separate password but you may be able to use the same e-mail address if it’s easier for you. If not then just go ahead using a separate e- mail, either way, because it’s a new account, you will need to create a new password 🙂

  2. Hi, glad to see another blogger blogging about Totti and the seven other heat related deaths this year of police K-9’s. I’ve written an article or two after each death this year, trying to get people appraised of these horrible deaths. Some dogs have literally ripped the back of the cruisers apart, trying frantically to get out of the car! These deaths have risen dramatically since 2011. I keep telling people that in 2001 9-11 we had over 300 dogs working search and rescue, we had cuts, bruises, yes, heat-stroke, but it was recognized and immediately treated~ and we didn’t lose one canine during the entire retrieval which went on for MONTHS! Why is it suddenly that cops cannot take care of their canine partners? It’s been suggested by many of my readers that in addition to losing their jobs, that a fine in proportion to the dollar figure loss of the dog might keep others from leaving their dogs in cars. Other dogs are dying of heat-stroke that goes unrecognized. Right after Totti’s death, another K-9 officer, Mojo, an eight year old veteran of the force, was worked an hour and a quarter in 90 degree Texas heat, tracking. He dropped dead of heat stroke. These people either aren’t aware their dog is in distress, don’t care or haven’t been trained to recognize it, and prevent it. There is a cooling vest that can be made out of an old pair of pants…girl scout and boy scouts could make it a local project, and make the vests which are very simple. The cooling gel can be purchased on Amazon three sheets for less than $20. It can be recharged every 2 hours by plunging in cool water. Also offering the K-9 rest and water breaks every 15 minutes in hot weather would make sense too. All any of this takes is common sense.
    If you go to LinkedIn, I’ve published a ton of articles on this and gotten a good response on Face Book and Twitter as well.

    1. Lisa forgive me please as apparently my original comment to you didn’t register on my end. We need to put our collective passion together. I’m on a current rampage about K9 Bak’s murder by handler in OK.

  3. Thank you so much. K9 Totti’s tragic and senseless death has ignited a fired within me that I neither can or will extinguish . We must be the voice for these unsung heroes…

  4. Hi hope you managed to sort out your new blog… I’ve been nominated for the 3 Day Quote Challenge and for my second dog themed day I would like to nominate you… if you fancy having a go, check my blog tomorrow for the post 🙂

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