Amazon Shopping *Hint*

Amazon Shopping *Hint*

Fellow bloggers I’ve had quite an eventful afternoon and want to “share” what technique worked best for me in resolving a large mistake on Amazon’s part. Here are the steps:

  1. Send them an email
  2. If no respose within 24 hours use Live Chat or Phone Help
  3. If you are prone to burst of profanity avoid calling them 
  4. Attempt to reason with them using Live Chat
  5. If they give you a less than acceptible resolution take yet different action
  6. Flood Twitter with tweets to @AmazonHelps (I also used @Amazon just for kicks)
  7. Get your Twitter friends to RT
  8. This last step was my personal deal breaker!
  9. When @AmazonHelps responds to your tweets and /or LiveChat ~ mention their drones. Repeatedly and in different scenarios.


My dog had to go on a different food because of the medical treatment which is reversing her blindness. The disorder is endocrine based and to my surprise, sweet potatoes are full of phytoestrogens. Since she was on a Sweet Potato & Fish kibble I had to change it. I cancelled my auto-ship with Amazon the end of July. They confirmed it via text and email. Yesterday I found a box which UPS had delivered with one bag of dog food (my auto-ship was always at end of the month). Today I received a text from Amazon that my other THREE bags of dog food were on their way. Amazon also included my Tom’s of Maine toothpaste order which I had NOT cancelled. So all totalled they deducted over $210 from my bank account and I was furious. When they failed to respond I used the above tactics but kept tossing in their drones. Example:

Within one hour I had this:

FullSizeRender 123

The resolution to my shopping experience…

What Is It With These Psycho Cops???

What Is It With These Psycho Cops???

In OK, former Stephens County Sheriff’s  Deputy Matthew Peck murdered his LEO partner K9 Bak, just as if he’d shot him. To leave a dog trapped in a hot car, without food, without water, and without air for 38 hours when the outside temperature hovered near 100 degrees is both sadistic and the sign of an underlying mental health issue. Most of all, it is criminal! Peck FAILED to go to the squad car one time; what kind of person does that?

K9 Bak

K9 Bak was an integral and vital member of the Stephens County Sheriffs Dept. for (6) years, since he was 2 years old. There were plans for his retirement at some point as he was now 8. This begs the question, why would a human LEO treat his K9 partner of (4) years in such a callous, inhumane and sadistic manner? How can a man who took an oath to protect and serve fail to keep his partner who was a living, sentient being, safe? He failed his partner, he failed a living animal, he failed the people of OK. A charge of “animal cruelty” is insufficient for a crime this heinous, with absolutely no respect for life. When a dog is subjected to increased body temperature for an extended period of time, they suffer greatly. Dogs feel heat differently than humans do. They sweat differently too. Dogs sweat by panting and by sweating from their paws. However, a dog trapped in a hot car can’t effectively rid its body of enough of the heat by panting and sweating ~ simply because there’s not enough cool, fresh air to replace the heated, stale air. Therefore, a dog breathing in warm/hot air for too long will suffer heat stroke …and will surely die.
In simple terms, heat stroke occurs when a dog loses its natural ability to regulate its body temperature. Dogs don’t sweat all over their bodies the way humans do. Canine body temperature is primarily regulated through respiration (i.e., panting). If a dog’s respiratory tract cannot evacuate heat quickly enough, heat stroke can occur. The dog’s internal organs begin to fail as does brain cellular activity. They suffer terrible and death is slow and agonizing. The only bright spot in this atrocity is that Sheriff Wayne McKinney did the right thing by terminating Matthew Peck, unlike many police departments who “circle the wagons” around handlers who cause the death of their K9s because of negligence.

Fortunately, the majority of K9 handlers are kind, compassionate officers who treat their K9 partners with respect and kindness; always monitoring their needs. I’m not sure where  I saw this but think  it’s appropriate.

The first to sense the hostility of a suspect,
The first to react to protect his master.
The first to enter where danger lurks.
The first to detect the hidden intruder.
The first to take action against violence.
The first to sense his master’s joy.
The first to know his master’s sorrow or fear.
The first to give his life in defense of his master.
The last to be forgotten by those who work with others like him.
They know him as a “Partner,” not just an animal.

Finally, K9 Bak’s EOW is listed as Friday August 5, 2016 however since he was trapped  in the car since Wednesday August 3, no one REALLY knows when this loyal K9 died.

**Matthew Peck has been charged with “Animal Cruelty” which to thousands of people is not an appropriate charge for the wanton murder of a K9. If anyone is interested in ensuring that the killer of  LEO K9 Bak is charged appropriately, please consider both signing and sharing this petition.




Animal Tales: Shoes for Sasha

Animal Tales: Shoes for Sasha

🐾The Feature Image is of Sasha’s ‘water boots’ ~ the ones I had made first. Lucas took a pair of dog boots I  purchased from a pet store and customized them with a strap which attaches from the front of her foot to a wrap that goes around her hock. All wraps and the knuckling strap are adjustable so I can even further customize the boot. These are specifically for swimming as the river bed is extremely rocky.🐾


When Sasha took her first steps in her new shoes at the Farmington farmers market a few weeks ago, Dottora Quick was moved to tears. Quick’s 8-year-old German shepherd had been turning under the toes of her back left paw for a while, the lingering result of a spinal embolism. It  took nothing for Sasha to trip and fall when she walked, to cut her knuckles on rocks and scrape her paws on pavement.

But in the farmers market parking lot, minutes after Lucas Argrew from Beyond Shoe Repair fitted her with a prototype pair of boots he’d specially tailored for her, Sasha got up and walked without trouble. After years of medical problems, it was the first time in a long time that anything had been easy for her.

“Sasha’s just always been my lovable, sweet, goofy girl,” Quick said. “Forget her pedigree and all that, she’s just a doll. And then all of these things happen to her. Every time I turn around it’s like, ‘Oh, my god; what’s next?’ And she’s met everything head on and she’s landed on her feet. So seeing her walk just maybe 10 feet in that asphalt parking lot — I just was crying.”

They were steps made possible thanks to Argrew — a cobbler who has a lot of experience with corrective shoes for humans but didn’t hesitate when asked to help a dog.

He’s a pet parent himself.

“I really love my animals. They’re a huge part of my family,” he said. “My wife and I don’t have kids; we have pets.”

Sasha’s health problems started in 2011 with a fibrocartilaginous embolism, which left her nearly paralyzed. Treatment and physical therapy helped her regain most of her movement. Earlier this year she battled, and recovered from, sudden blindness.

But “knuckling” was a persistent problem, and in recent months it got worse. Quick bought pair after pair of dog boots — in stores, online and from Canada for up to $50 each — hoping one pair out of 10 would both protect Sasha’s paws and brace her foot enough to lessen the drag. None did.

Quick dubbed the growing unused shoe collection “Sasha’s Boot Emporium.”

Sasha’s favorite trips to the Sandy River adjacent to her Strong home became more difficult. She loved to swim and it served as physical therapy for her, but her back paw scraped painfully on the river rocks.

“With the kind of knuckling I saw, I wouldn’t be able to take her in the river,” Quick said.

Then Quick read in her local newspaper that Argrew from Beyond Shoe Repair would be at the Farmington farmers market. Maybe, she thought, he could help.

At the market, Quick told Argrew about Sasha and asked if he might be willing to tweak a pair of her store-bought boots to fit better. Argrew, who has a rescue dog of his own, said he could do more than that.

“We thought we could kind of up the ante,” he said.

It wasn’t the first time Argrew had been asked to make or fix something unusual. Since opening his shop in Auburn two years ago, he’s worked on equestrian gear, furniture, orthotics, straps for prosthetics and dog leashes.

“We’re ‘Beyond Shoe Repair’ because we do a lot of things beyond just shoe repair,” Argrew said.

But dog shoes? Those were new.

Argrew spent about five hours turning a pair of Sasha’s boots into prototype custom-fit water shoes, with light-weight canvas uppers, a grippy sole and a padded support strap around her ankle — perfect for navigating the rocky river.

They were the shoes Sasha wore when she took her first successful steps in Farmington.

“When I was standing there that Saturday, crying and dumbfounded, all these people were talking (and) I heard somebody say, ‘Look at that dog’s face; she looks so happy,'” Quick said. “I looked at her face when I heard that and I was like, ‘She does look happy!'”

Quick asked Argrew if he could design a second pair, this time for everyday wear. Argrew agreed. These shoes he would make from scratch, contoured to fit a dog’s paw, with calf-skin inner soles, the same rubber soles used on human shoes and a tongue so the shoes could be loosened as needed.

“He is really a creative artisan,” Quick said. “The more I think about it, the more amazed I am.”

At $60 for the improved boots and $130 for the custom-made pair, Sasha’s new shoes were more expensive than the others in Sasha’s boot emporium, but they were in line with high-tech dog boots sold by commercial brands.

The first boots Argrew created for Sasha have had to be tweaked — her paw sometimes swells, so the left shoe has to be bigger to accommodate — but Quick has been so delighted by the first model that she’s showed it to Sasha’s vets and in a video online and plans to post about them in Sasha’s blog.

Argrew said he was happy to have helped Sasha walk easier.

“We just know how important it is to be able to help customers who can’t help themselves,” he said. “(Animals) can’t really tell you what’s wrong, but you can obviously see and try to correct the problems they can’t correct on their own.”

Quick is already thinking ahead for Sasha: snow boots by Argrew.

“If there’s one silver lining in everything that’s happened with Sasha, it’s been finding him,” Quick said, “because I think it’s just going to make that big of an impact on her.”

Have an idea for Animal Tales? Call Lindsay Tice at 689-2854 or email her at

Source: Animal Tales: Shoes for Sasha

Still Trying To Figure Out New Blog Settings…

Still Trying To Figure Out New Blog Settings…

I’ve been practically living in the chair with my laptop getting Sasha’s blog up. Thought it would be a lot easier because of the downloaded Facebook timeline but as I posted last time ~ not really. I created her FB page in the present so have to change everything to past tense. I’m just confused about sharing buttons and things like that. I’d  like to put an icon or whatever on my blog in case anyone wants to connect to Sasha’s Journey from here. I do know that a few of you are dog peeps. But alas, my new best buddies at WordPress Live Chat aren’t available during the weekends so will have to have my chitty chat with one in the morning. I think it’s neat how they send you a chat transcript so you can refer back to it.

I had a tense week beginning last Saturday because Sasha was bumping into everything in the house, just the way she did when she first lost her vision on April 7. She was getting stuck in corners, trying to walk behind the wood stove and getting stuck in the powder room. Then on Sunday she urinated outside a moderate amount, took a few steps, squatted  again and a very small amount of blood droplets came out. I know from past abdominal ultrasounds that she has a small cyst in her left kidney that hasn’t changed in size for years. As a nurse I also know that kidney cysts “can” cause hematuria (bloody urine) but Sasha had what appeared to be just blood. I went into a bit of a slump because this poor girl can’t seem to catch a break! She has had so many medical issues, most which are unrelated, that I think I need a separate hard drive just for her. Usually I keep the faith but this week really got to me. I took a first morning urine sample to the veterinarians’ on Thursday when she went for her weekly combo acupuncture and laser therapy treatments.  When Dr. Steur examined it and said  she had a raging UTI I almost jumped for joy! Easy fix with 10 days of antibiotics.

Then Maine’s somewhat pugilistic governor, Paul LePage,  was trending on Twitter  (and everywhere else) for leaving a profanity laced voice mail  on a Maine state lawmaker’s telephone. Wow it was extremely profane! He even challenged the state representative to a duel!

Photograph of a black bear family in Maine

Finally, August 29 (tomorrow) is the start of Maine’s black bear hunting season which lasts for 16 weeks. I’m not well versed in the rules but for X amount of weeks hunters can bait the bears (a hotly contested issue in Maine) and for another X amount of time they can use hounds. When I first moved here from urban NJ (which also has a black bear population but not like here) I was hiking my woods off and on during the first summer. Took me months because we have quite a bit of acreage. One morning  around Labor Day I found a  pile of nasty looking donuts. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how donuts wound up in the middle of my woods. When I went to work that night I mentioned it to one of the other nurses; she told me that many hunters use sweets to bait bear. That did it! I took the weekend off, enlisted my daughters help and we posted No Hunting signs everywhere including the entrance of my driveway. Until several years ago I had a registered bear guide as a neighbor and when I left the mountain and turned onto the road I never knew what kind of animal I was going to see hanging from a pole/rod in his front yard. Even if I wasn’t a vegetarian it would have bothered me, especially since it was the polar opposite of what I’d come to expect in the places I’d lived in the past. So from now until December when the deer hunting season ends the dogs and I don’t even go into the yard unless we’re wearing something that’s bright orange. It just really bothers me that I have so much property but for at least (4) months out of the year I don’t feel safe to hike in autumn or snowshoe in early winter.

🐻Oh well, what can you do except move right?🐻

On a positive note, the newspaper article on Sasha is due to be in the newspaper tomorrow so I’m anxious to see it. I had to sign up for online access as they aren’t  one of the papers that allow a few free articles per month.


Busy But Productive ~ I Think

Busy But Productive ~ I Think

I took my German Shepherd Sasha’s page down from Facebook as I mentioned in my last post and FINALLY got it on WordPress. Thought it was going to be a cake walk because I had downloaded her timeline from Facebook; simple cut & paste. Not so much. Had to have two live chats with WP help and think I’m finally on the right track. Sasha has so many major medical issues that I really think having her journey online can be helpful. When I began researching treatments options for her I literally spent up to 10 hours a day on my laptop (gained a few pounds too from all the sitting). While I’ve always stressed that an owner must get their medical information from their veterinary professional, it is helpful to see videos and You Tube videos of real dogs as they have a procedure, recovery and just what the owner right expect. They helped me immensely.

One of the regional newspapers contacted me awhile ago about featuring Sasha and the custom boots I had made for her in mid-September. Then they said the feature would run on April 29th. Talk about crunch! Her water boots were done but the truly custom everyday ones weren’t so I sent them to the shoemaker’s shop. Good choice actually as they were able to watch him do some molding etc. They interviewed me via telephone twice then came for a photo shoot of Sasha last Thursday. The shoemaker met the photographer here so he could do the final fitting. OMG! I spent the rest of the day vacillating between tears and laughter because she had been knuckling so much that she was always falling. To see her walk around the yard without one single fall was overwhelming at times.I took some videos but they came out more like Take 1, Take 2 but what the heck ~ I uploaded them to her You Tube channel anyway.

I’ve started her blog from March when her true journey began and building forward from there. I’m going to put a “Like” button on my page if anyone wants to check her blog out but first I have to figure it out. Right now I’m just trying to get as many posts up as possible before Monday because the reporter took the link for the article. IMG_0565.jpg

If you want to see her boots they’re on  her You Tube channel, Sasha’s Journey  (along with her stem cell therapy etc). Did I mention about a week or so ago that You Tube removed a 35 second video of Sasha having her back massaged prior to range of motion exercise? BTW I uploaded the offending video last April. They said it violated their “Decency Standards”. Talk about a ballistic dog Mom. I went on a Twitter rampage and soon they were getting so many tweets from people that they contacted me the next day, apologized, put the video back and basically asked that I stop blasting them online. Well if they had answered my initial inquiry as to HOW  the video violated any standards I wouldn’t have gone on a rampage. Her blog has the same name ~ Sasha’s Journey.


🐾🐾Happy National Dog Day🐾🐾

Sasha & Inga




Oh My Mind Is Boggled!!!

I jumped off the Facebook train last week after (4) years. I initially avoided it because it seemed like another fad that would peak and then fade, like Myspace and ICQ. It didn’t however and in fact grew exponentially so I took the plunge. I really didn’t bother much with my personal timeline because whenever I posted anything of interest to me it was never liked, shared, commented on ~ anything. Not because I’m particularly cerebral or witty but rather I obviously share different interests than the people on my “Friend’s List” ~ all 62 of them. I somehow felt obligated to “like” their never-ending posts about how they rearranged living room furniture which of course was accompanied by numerous photos and posts asking for opinions; “Do you think the chair would look better in the other corner?” There was also a never-ending array of fluffy kittens and chubby puppies so my few posts about K9’s dying in hot squad cars because their handler forgot them weren’t exactly hits. Mixed in-between were a myriad of pictures with inspirational quotes and then the proverbial selfies. One friend took selfies at least six times a day; selfie of her grey roots showing, of her chipped nail polish, tanned legs or what she was making for dinner. Now I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination and despite being a “Gammy” don’t wear long floral dresses, an apron and my hair in a bun. However why a woman pushing 60 and a great-grandmother feels the need to post selfies in low-cut tops with the caption “The girls are still perky” truly escapes me. I also couldn’t fathom having Friend Lists of over 1,000 people. Who could keep up? I know I couldn’t nor would I try. To me it seemed that Facebook was almost an addiction because many of the women on my list began posting early morning, continued while at work, then well into their evenings. I wanted to ask what their children were doing but had a feeling I knew the answer. It all seemed so vapid and I became increasingly annoyed at myself for thinking I had to acknowledge the posts because they were such a waste of time. I’d much rather spend my free hours reading and writing blog posts and interacting with my dogs.


I did however have a public page for my GSD Sasha to chronicle both her medical issues and the struggle to overcome them. I posted photos of the good and not so good days as well as links to reputable veterinary schools/hospitals for reference information. I always discouraged relying on “Mary Sue’s Sick Dog” blog for sake of accuracy. Because of Sasha’s Journey, I vacillated about leaving Facebook because her page was an extension of mine and if I deactivated one I’d lose the other. Then I discovered that Facebook allows you to download your entire page. I downloaded and there it was, complete with photos and videos. I still went through both pages and deleted all my media just because Facebook doesn’t allow you to close an account, just deactivate. They also seem to have their electronic finger on much of ones personal information. After I was satisfied that I had deleted everything possible, I deactivated all at the tap of a button.


Now I either have to get a bigger and better thinking cap or a prescription for Adderrall because I spent over two hours today reading the WordPress tutorials and am more confused than when I started. I want to keep Sasha’s Journey going only in a blog format. She had over 200 followers but I think a blog would be even better as I’d have the ability to reach a certain audience through tagging. Instead of picking up where Facebook left off, I thought I’d start at the beginning ~ March 2016. However between widgets, static pages, pages vs posts, and themes I need a drink. Heck I can’t figure out how to change the font on my own blog!

So in essence I’ve decided that some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug!

In closing, some Facebook  stats I ran across…

Tuesday Was A Day Of All Days ~ Part 2

Tuesday Was A Day Of All Days ~ Part 2

I’ve been reluctant to write anything because the past week if it could go wrong it has and honestly? Nobody wants to hear someone who’s whine mode is in overdrive.

My dog GSD Sasha received her first pair of  custom boots from the shoemaker last Saturday ~ these are actually meant to be her water shoes as the river that abuts my property has a very rocky bed. She had some minor abrasions however from knuckling on the asphalt parking lot when we initially visited the shoemaker and until they were 100% healed I didn’t feel comfortable taking her in the river lest the one remaining open abrasion become infected. They seemed to be healing a tad slow so I switched from bacitracin to Calendula and the difference is amazing. My target date for *River Swimming* was Friday but it’s been raining all weekend. Hopefully she’ll get her everyday boots complete with Vibram soles next Saturday. For anyone interested in seeing a video of the shoemaker putting them on her for the first time as he explains everything or one of me describing just the boots, you can see them on her  public You Tube channel called Sasha’s Journey. They are the (2) videos dated August 6. I also have a small photo album on Sasha’s public Facebook  page that can be viewed by anyone with the link ~ one doesn’t need to have a FB account.


Boots aside I have a dilemma and not sure what to do at this point as the entire fiasco is causing me severe anxiety. The only thing I do  know is that I’m tired of being treated like a second class citizen. Prior to my aborted AT hike in 2015 I went to an optometrist I’ve used a few times for eye exams and new glasses because the only local ophthalmologist has an excessive wait time for  appointments; you usually have to book at least 8-10 months in advance. I gave her my existing pair (love the frames) to have new RX lenses put in plus ordered a second pair, new frames and lenses. Fot thecompletely new pair I even ordered transition lenses as I wanted them for hiking.  For some crazy reason they were both approximately $415 which no one could explain. So after paying a bit over $850 I went home only to have difficulty seeing with the glasses. Yes I wear progressive lenses BUT I take them off for reading **Will get back to that**. I called and was told to bring them in for an adjustment. Fine. Didn’t work. Called again and had to wait (2) weeks to see the optometrist. She ordered a different RX for (1) pair of glasses. When they arrived it was like looking through vaseline coated lenses. Her response? Its been over 60 days so if I need different glasses she would be happy to schedule me for another eye examination but  I would pay for the exam and new glasses. She said I had rapid cataracts (I was 49). Made an appointment with my ophthalmologist who I’ve been going to off and on at least yearly since he opened his practice. The only reason I got in at (6) months was because of  a cancellation. He said I had beginning cataracts but they weren’t the rapid type. In November 2015 I had my right eye done and early December the left. Because with surgery ones vision changes, what his practice does is have you see the optical department, pick out new glasses and when they come in you take them home. Because your vision changed for medical reasons, health insurance covers part of the cost of the new glasses. The practice submits to insurance first and then bills you the remaining balance after insurance payment. The first problem was once my eyes settled down from surgery, I realized I could no longer read without glasses. I can’t even begin to tell you how shocked I was as he never told me that would happen. The Rx glasses came in the late December and I knew immediately they werent going to work but I had to wait until mid-February to get an appointment with him. His office has a prominently displayed sign that he is the “only ophthalmologist between here and the Canadian border”. But seriously? For a well established patient? Meanwhile I kept going into his optical department and the woman would adjust the frames to no avail. Finally saw him in February and admit I didn’t advocate for myself as I should have for I left with no changes. As the winter snow melted I started going in the yard more. I fell over icy chunks of snow, fell over the cat inside, the dog toy, I even fell over something in a parking lot because I didn’t see it.  I couldn’t read with the glasses even though the ophthalmologist said I should be able to as they were progressive lenses. His staff would talk to me in an almost condescending tone “Do you know what progressive lenses are?” or “Did you realize you have to turn your head to see out of the different sections of lens?” (NO but do you know how to turn around so I can kick your ass???).This despite me telling them I’d worn progressives for years. I called again in a few weeks because the glasses had gone from being a nuisance to a liability. That was mid March and the first available appointment was July 13th. I was like “Are you kidding me?????” Explained that I couldn’t drive, was falling, couldn’t knit,  but the best they could offer was to put me on a cancellation list. Fast forward to June. I was sitting in the waiting room at the dentist’s office and struggling to read a piece of paper. A patient came out from seeing the dentist and approached me with a big hello. I COUD NOT SEE WHO IT WAS! Here it was a nurse I worked with for over five years.

If Only My Glasses Could Be So Simple

That did it. The proverbial straw. I went home, typed the ophthalmologist (using the cheater glasses I keep all over the house) a nice but firm letter detailing the struggle I’ve had with the glasses he prescribed. How I’ve worn glasses since I was 20 and never experienced anything remotely similar to this. I also wrote that I was disappointed he was unable to see me in a more timely fashion considering I was one of his first patients when he established the practice. I mentioned that he never told me I would lose my ability to read without glasses nor did he inform me of the option to have a complete corrective lens implant (Multifocal IOL’s) and pay the difference above the insurance payment.  I ended by saying I was not paying the $213 balance (I had received the bill a few weeks prior) because why on earth would I pay for glasses that were a health hazard? I took the letter, a copy and the glasses to his office. Even though the  answering machine says open 8-4 apparently they close at 2 pm on Mondays as only one staff member was there. I asked her nicely to sign the copy to acknowledge receipt of the glasses. Well my God she acted like I was an axe murderer! If I hadn’t recorded her reaction I wouldn’t have believed it. She refused to sign, refused to accept the glasses and tried to slide the window shut as she tossed the glass case out  and towards me. Since I’m ambidextrous I caught the case with my left hand and tossed it back in just before the glass shut. Then I left. I really thought I’d  hear from him but I didn’t. That rather surprised me as we had always got along rather well, sharing a mutual love of dogs and hiking.

Then I received another bill  ~ with a late charge added. I wrote yet another letter only this time  more stern. I laid it out in precise  terms that I was not paying for glasses I couldn’t see with, I’ve been his patient for 10 years yet he made no attempt to ameliorate an unsatisfactory situation. I closed by saying I had recorded the interaction with the staff member when returning the glasses  plus I had hard copies of all phone bills indicating the dates and length of calls to his office. I mailed it certified with restricted delivery. What happened? Tuesday I received a typed letter from the office manager saying since I was unkind to the staff it was best if we parted company (as if I would go back there), that I had “forgotten your glasses at the desk” and she’d be happy to mail them to me.  Also wrote  she will send my records to a new ophthalmologist for me (yeah right and they’d mark it with PIA) but I  will continue to be billed and accrue late charges until such time they turn my account over to a collection agency.


Now I couldn’t make this nonsense up if I had to! I think I’m living in the twilight zone or there’s something in the water because in my entire life I’ve never encountered such difficulty with medical providers, insurance agents, car dealers, plumbers ~ you name it. I feel like I’m in some kind of alternate reality. One could say “Is the $213 + interest worth a battle” considering I just ended a four-year legal issue. But I already paid  over $850 in 2015 for glasses that I couldn’t see out of now this? That’s over $1,000 in a little over a year and I still need to get glasses I can actually wear and see with. I asked my husband what he thought but he gave me his stock answer “I didn’t know”.  I kid you not ~ that’s his answer to everything so not sure why I bothered asking. I could report the problem to the licensing board but that entails another battle. It gets old. It’s draining. Yet paying for glasses I can’t  wear feels like I’m giving in to bully tactics.

I would be less than honest if I didn’t say how much stress this entire “eye” issue is causing.  If truth be told I had a terrible winter because of my inability to  read without glasses AND not being able to read with the cheater ones as clearly as I would  like. As for knitting? Forget it. Perhaps if my near vision gradually worsened there wouldn’t be an issue  but to lose it overnight was upsetting. I’m one of those people who actually like glasses. I went the contact lens route in the 90’s but more for fun as I got them in a different colors. For work (nursing) I always wore glasses so as to have the best visual acuity. I also think that the entire vibe of the ophthalmology office upsets me, from the assistants talking to me was if I was an idiot, to the woman acting like I was a deranged axe murderer because I wanted her to accept/sign for the glasses and ending with the doctor with whom I’ve had an excellent report for a decade.
I’m trying to work on PTSD issues which include feelings of self-worth but this “stuff” keeps getting in the way. I’ve noticed I have increased insomnia and have caught myself clenching my jaw. I won’t even get into the headaches from continual eye strain. How can something that’s supposed to be relatively easy i.e. getting new glasses turn into such a fiasco?

I’m really open to suggestions. And for what its worth, I really don’t like the cheater glasses.

PS: I found out AFTER the fact from my church committee that most people don’t use the local optometrist nor ophthalmologist because of less than stellar experiences.


I Could Be Considered An Eyeglass Hoarder