It seems like so many things are happening at once. As some of you know I’m working on MFA. The whole whistleblower thing makes me leery of practicing nursing ~ at least in this state. Since my first bachelors was in a completely different concentration, I’m continuing that. It started already with a ten-day residencies that is  considered the beginning of each semester. It’s on the coast which is a bit of a drive as I live in the Western Mountains. I stayed there some nights but because of Sasha came home a few others. Coming from an urban area I’ve never adjusted to everything being so far away. Nor that there is often only a 2 lane highway where one is usually trapped behind logging trucks.

When I am home trying to do anything online is an effort in futility. It took 10 hours to upload an 8 minute video to You Tube! Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I have DSL which is the ONLY option available in my area except for satellite and those who have gone that route regretted it. So usually I wait till I’m in a Starbucks to upload my dog videos. Ridiculous right? If I need to download something I make sure all devices are in airplane mode. Crazy…

It’s also been extremely humid which causes me severe sinus headaches but because of widespread drug abuse, getting even a small prescription for an effective pain killer is impossible. Fortunately the humidity is due to end and I can’t wait. It’s normally not a problem where I live so hopefully it won’t be a recurring theme next summer if for some reason I’m still living here in 2017.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone’s blogs the next few days!


Ski mountain I passed last Thursday





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