Short and simple. I pay a monthly fee for You Tube Red so I can chronicle Sasha’s  journey towards wellness. I uploaded a video in April 2016. It’s  35 seconds long and was taken inside. The content speaks for itself. Yet on Tuesday August 9th  I received an email from You Tube saying they had removed it because it violates community standards of decency. It said you an appeal and they will review it. I appeared and by Friday am hadn’t heard a word. I was already  in full screech mode (next post) so I gathered my Twitter friends and unleashed a firestorm of tweets to every section of both You Tube and Google. We even quoted the tweets and directed those to animal groups and lovers and they joined in. Saturday morning You Tube emailed me an apology, said they were restoring the video and essentially stop tweeting us. hahahahaha

**Warning** Do not watch video if children are present

On a brighter note, the background picture of Sasha was taken at her internists’ office on July 5; the day she confirmed my suspicion ~ Sasha was regaining her distance vision. She has pupillary reaction to light where previously I had been by a veterinarian ophthalmologist told she “couldn’t be healed” “learn to live with a blind dog”. Many tears were shed that day for sure!

Next up ~ August 4. Regressing a minute, I take a LOT of pictures with my iPhone, most of which get trashed. During each vet visit I take some of Sasha in the waiting room as well as during her acupuncture and laser therapy.

FullSizeRender 111
Sasha In Waiting Room


I asked and was given permission to record some of the procedures hence the reason for her You Tube channel. Even when she has stem cell therapy in April 2025 the neurosurgeon had both videos and stills taken while in the treatment room, As I was looking at the pictures I’d snapped of her in the waiting room, one jumped out. It appeared as if she was focusing on something near.

FullSizeRender 107
What Do You See Sasha?

This behavior continued while in the treatment room. We had a late afternoon appointment that day and decided to take pride to Sunday River Ski Resort which was just a few miles from the vet practice. When we stopped to take pictures and let Sasha stretch her legs, the most WONDERFUL thing happened. I called her name, she turned, focused and walked directly up to me. Then she stopped and looked up at me as if to say “You rang?” Her near vision is returning! At this point I believe her vision comes and goes in bursts, akin to a  wall light switch being turned off and on. I’m praying that eventually her switch will be stay in the on position for longer periods of time. Till then we just take it one step and one day at a time.

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Some purple text today as that’s the official color of

💜Team Sasha💜

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