Oh My Mind Is Boggled!!!

I jumped off the Facebook train last week after (4) years. I initially avoided it because it seemed like another fad that would peak and then fade, like Myspace and ICQ. It didn’t however and in fact grew exponentially so I took the plunge. I really didn’t bother much with my personal timeline because whenever I posted anything of interest to me it was never liked, shared, commented on ~ anything. Not because I’m particularly cerebral or witty but rather I obviously share different interests than the people on my “Friend’s List” ~ all 62 of them. I somehow felt obligated to “like” their never-ending posts about how they rearranged living room furniture which of course was accompanied by numerous photos and posts asking for opinions; “Do you think the chair would look better in the other corner?” There was also a never-ending array of fluffy kittens and chubby puppies so my few posts about K9’s dying in hot squad cars because their handler forgot them weren’t exactly hits. Mixed in-between were a myriad of pictures with inspirational quotes and then the proverbial selfies. One friend took selfies at least six times a day; selfie of her grey roots showing, of her chipped nail polish, tanned legs or what she was making for dinner. Now I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination and despite being a “Gammy” don’t wear long floral dresses, an apron and my hair in a bun. However why a woman pushing 60 and a great-grandmother feels the need to post selfies in low-cut tops with the caption “The girls are still perky” truly escapes me. I also couldn’t fathom having Friend Lists of over 1,000 people. Who could keep up? I know I couldn’t nor would I try. To me it seemed that Facebook was almost an addiction because many of the women on my list began posting early morning, continued while at work, then well into their evenings. I wanted to ask what their children were doing but had a feeling I knew the answer. It all seemed so vapid and I became increasingly annoyed at myself for thinking I had to acknowledge the posts because they were such a waste of time. I’d much rather spend my free hours reading and writing blog posts and interacting with my dogs.


I did however have a public page for my GSD Sasha to chronicle both her medical issues and the struggle to overcome them. I posted photos of the good and not so good days as well as links to reputable veterinary schools/hospitals for reference information. I always discouraged relying on “Mary Sue’s Sick Dog” blog for sake of accuracy. Because of Sasha’s Journey, I vacillated about leaving Facebook because her page was an extension of mine and if I deactivated one I’d lose the other. Then I discovered that Facebook allows you to download your entire page. I downloaded and there it was, complete with photos and videos. I still went through both pages and deleted all my media just because Facebook doesn’t allow you to close an account, just deactivate. They also seem to have their electronic finger on much of ones personal information. After I was satisfied that I had deleted everything possible, I deactivated all at the tap of a button.


Now I either have to get a bigger and better thinking cap or a prescription for Adderrall because I spent over two hours today reading the WordPress tutorials and am more confused than when I started. I want to keep Sasha’s Journey going only in a blog format. She had over 200 followers but I think a blog would be even better as I’d have the ability to reach a certain audience through tagging. Instead of picking up where Facebook left off, I thought I’d start at the beginning ~ March 2016. However between widgets, static pages, pages vs posts, and themes I need a drink. Heck I can’t figure out how to change the font on my own blog!

So in essence I’ve decided that some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug!

In closing, some Facebook  stats I ran across…

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