I took my German Shepherd Sasha’s page down from Facebook as I mentioned in my last post and FINALLY got it on WordPress. Thought it was going to be a cake walk because I had downloaded her timeline from Facebook; simple cut & paste. Not so much. Had to have two live chats with WP help and think I’m finally on the right track. Sasha has so many major medical issues that I really think having her journey online can be helpful. When I began researching treatments options for her I literally spent up to 10 hours a day on my laptop (gained a few pounds too from all the sitting). While I’ve always stressed that an owner must get their medical information from their veterinary professional, it is helpful to see videos and You Tube videos of real dogs as they have a procedure, recovery and just what the owner right expect. They helped me immensely.

One of the regional newspapers contacted me awhile ago about featuring Sasha and the custom boots I had made for her in mid-September. Then they said the feature would run on April 29th. Talk about crunch! Her water boots were done but the truly custom everyday ones weren’t so I sent them to the shoemaker’s shop. Good choice actually as they were able to watch him do some molding etc. They interviewed me via telephone twice then came for a photo shoot of Sasha last Thursday. The shoemaker met the photographer here so he could do the final fitting. OMG! I spent the rest of the day vacillating between tears and laughter because she had been knuckling so much that she was always falling. To see her walk around the yard without one single fall was overwhelming at times.I took some videos but they came out more like Take 1, Take 2 but what the heck ~ I uploaded them to her You Tube channel anyway.

I’ve started her blog from March when her true journey began and building forward from there. I’m going to put a “Like” button on my page if anyone wants to check her blog out but first I have to figure it out. Right now I’m just trying to get as many posts up as possible before Monday because the reporter took the link for the article. IMG_0565.jpg

If you want to see her boots they’re on  her You Tube channel, Sasha’s Journey  (along with her stem cell therapy etc). Did I mention about a week or so ago that You Tube removed a 35 second video of Sasha having her back massaged prior to range of motion exercise? BTW I uploaded the offending video last April. They said it violated their “Decency Standards”. Talk about a ballistic dog Mom. I went on a Twitter rampage and soon they were getting so many tweets from people that they contacted me the next day, apologized, put the video back and basically asked that I stop blasting them online. Well if they had answered my initial inquiry as to HOW  the video violated any standards I wouldn’t have gone on a rampage. Her blog has the same name ~ Sasha’s Journey.


🐾🐾Happy National Dog Day🐾🐾

Sasha & Inga




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