I’ve been practically living in the chair with my laptop getting Sasha’s blog up. Thought it would be a lot easier because of the downloaded Facebook timeline but as I posted last time ~ not really. I created her FB page in the present so have to change everything to past tense. I’m just confused about sharing buttons and things like that. I’d  like to put an icon or whatever on my blog in case anyone wants to connect to Sasha’s Journey from here. I do know that a few of you are dog peeps. But alas, my new best buddies at WordPress Live Chat aren’t available during the weekends so will have to have my chitty chat with one in the morning. I think it’s neat how they send you a chat transcript so you can refer back to it.

I had a tense week beginning last Saturday because Sasha was bumping into everything in the house, just the way she did when she first lost her vision on April 7. She was getting stuck in corners, trying to walk behind the wood stove and getting stuck in the powder room. Then on Sunday she urinated outside a moderate amount, took a few steps, squatted  again and a very small amount of blood droplets came out. I know from past abdominal ultrasounds that she has a small cyst in her left kidney that hasn’t changed in size for years. As a nurse I also know that kidney cysts “can” cause hematuria (bloody urine) but Sasha had what appeared to be just blood. I went into a bit of a slump because this poor girl can’t seem to catch a break! She has had so many medical issues, most which are unrelated, that I think I need a separate hard drive just for her. Usually I keep the faith but this week really got to me. I took a first morning urine sample to the veterinarians’ on Thursday when she went for her weekly combo acupuncture and laser therapy treatments.  When Dr. Steur examined it and said  she had a raging UTI I almost jumped for joy! Easy fix with 10 days of antibiotics.

Then Maine’s somewhat pugilistic governor, Paul LePage,  was trending on Twitter  (and everywhere else) for leaving a profanity laced voice mail  on a Maine state lawmaker’s telephone. Wow it was extremely profane! He even challenged the state representative to a duel!

Photograph of a black bear family in Maine

Finally, August 29 (tomorrow) is the start of Maine’s black bear hunting season which lasts for 16 weeks. I’m not well versed in the rules but for X amount of weeks hunters can bait the bears (a hotly contested issue in Maine) and for another X amount of time they can use hounds. When I first moved here from urban NJ (which also has a black bear population but not like here) I was hiking my woods off and on during the first summer. Took me months because we have quite a bit of acreage. One morning  around Labor Day I found a  pile of nasty looking donuts. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how donuts wound up in the middle of my woods. When I went to work that night I mentioned it to one of the other nurses; she told me that many hunters use sweets to bait bear. That did it! I took the weekend off, enlisted my daughters help and we posted No Hunting signs everywhere including the entrance of my driveway. Until several years ago I had a registered bear guide as a neighbor and when I left the mountain and turned onto the road I never knew what kind of animal I was going to see hanging from a pole/rod in his front yard. Even if I wasn’t a vegetarian it would have bothered me, especially since it was the polar opposite of what I’d come to expect in the places I’d lived in the past. So from now until December when the deer hunting season ends the dogs and I don’t even go into the yard unless we’re wearing something that’s bright orange. It just really bothers me that I have so much property but for at least (4) months out of the year I don’t feel safe to hike in autumn or snowshoe in early winter.

🐻Oh well, what can you do except move right?🐻

On a positive note, the newspaper article on Sasha is due to be in the newspaper tomorrow so I’m anxious to see it. I had to sign up for online access as they aren’t  one of the papers that allow a few free articles per month.


7 thoughts on “Still Trying To Figure Out New Blog Settings…

  1. I hope you manage to get things sorted…I think I have everything under control then something else pops up…Sasha is such a brave beautiful dog, I will be interested to hear how she gets on. Fingers crossed everything works out x

      1. Just read it! Oh that’s brilliant! What a clever thoughtful man and how wonderful for you and Sasha! What a brave dog she is and you are truly amazing, a loving “pet parent” who has gone that bit further to ensure quality of life for her dog! Great article-I hope you are pleased too : )xx

      2. I just figured out how to share it to WP!! Sometimes online newspapers will print a story but when you click on title, you are unable to read it unless you subscribe. Some papers allow a few (4 or 5) free reads/month then cut off.

      3. Yes I read that, the pop up thing said I can read this but more than four times then I’d have to subscribe, but I just x-ed it and it went away. Could you copy and paste in the future…although I’m sure that’s infringing something! However, I read it and it was great 🙂 Is Sasha’s WP blog up yet? Let me know when x

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