A few months ago I posted about the problem honest people with severe chronic pain issues have getting pain medication when all other treatment modalities fail ~ simply because those who use/buy/swap/deal drugs illegally have made it nearly impossible to get any type of pain pills. I have chronic migraines. Actually, I have Intractable Migraine (duration of 72+ hours), PTH, Classic with Aura. I’ve had them since I was struck in the head with a baseball bat as a child. Having said that, when you have that type of pain from such an early age you develop a fairly high tolerance but only to a point. For the past several years,  I’ve been getting Botox for Migraine. It’s a series of needle pricks throughout your scalp, forehead, and back of the neck. For me, it was manna from heaven. The shots are given on a three-month schedule but if the doctor does them a day or two early, insurance rejects the claim.  My local neurologist gave notice in mid-August that his practice was closing because he accepted a position in Kentucky.  Problem is, he was closing in mid-September, just a few days before my Botox appointment so needless to say I didn’t get the injections. Made an appointment with a new neurologist but the first opening isn’t until December 2 AND he doesn’t start Botox till the second visit which won’t be until the end of January. That means that it will be almost seven months without Botox.


On top of that, I have these visual issues which I just learned are caused by a large amount of scar tissue that formed on my corneas following cataract surgery in October 2015. I started having trouble seeing and saw the ophthalmologist in January. He said my eyes were still adjusting. Hmmm. I don’t even know why he did surgery in the first place as I wasn’t having a problem. But that onus is on me. I usually research the heck out of everything but I was super relaxed after the 4-year legal battle and blindly followed the doctor’s advice. He never told me that with cataract surgery I would lose my ability to read without glasses or that there were lenses that would eliminate the need for glasses at an extra cost. By February my vision had deteriorated to the point that the cheater glasses were no longer working so I had to buy a different number. I’m on my third pair now, each time getting a different number.


Right after I had cataract surgery I could see distance however that didn’t last long. Hell, I can’t even see the floor anymore so have had many falls over a dog toy. Despite my pleas, the ophthalmologist couldn’t see me until the end of July which is insane! And worst of all, visual disturbances have always been a migraine trigger for me so it’s like a vicious circle. I’ve never gone to a concert specifically because of the lights. I used to have a friend take my kids to see their favorite performer when they were in Philadelphia for a concert.


I use a dictating app or rely on Siri for typing or emails, stopped driving, knitting, reading, hiking and walking outside. I was hiking the AT last spring and summer! Seriously? This is NOT the type of life I envisioned for myself when the legal issue was over and I had my life back. Good news is ~ I can have the scar tissue removed via laser procedure called YAG. Bad news ~ not till December 6. Then when I go back for my first check up we’ll discuss contact lenses for near vision because I have to tell you, going from a lifetime of not wearing glasses for close up then overnight you’re unable to read a piece of paper or apply makeup is horrible. I would assume that as people age their vision progressively gets worse whereas mine was boom! Overnight.


My primary care doctor knows me, knows I’m a trauma nurse, and knows about the abrupt closing of the neurology office. He also knows I tend to go for homeopathic remedies as opposed to Big Pharma but with severe migraines like mine, herbs, teas, vitamin combos simply don’t work. Do you think he would give me a small prescription for a pain medicine? No! He doesn’t “prescribe narcotics for headaches”.  Here asshole wants to have another look at the scar on my forehead from the baseball bat???  He told me to take Tylenol and I’ll get through “just fine” till I start the Botox injections again. I really want to ask “And you know this how?” I get the type of migraine that starts with a prodromal phase which lasts for about 30 minutes after which I enter the aura phase. Then the pain begins as the aura starts to fade. They’re one of the worst types of migraines. This is as close as I could find to demonstrate an aura when it appears.


But pop two Tylenol and I’ll be “just fine”. Not when my head feels like this!


Yet nearly every day I hear about another drug bust. Where do these weasels get the drugs from?

Processed with VSCOcam

At least on a positive note, I can look forward to possibly changing my eye color with contacts. Had a lot of fun doing that when I wore them intermittently before I moved here.   No more hazel eyes; I was rocking different shades of blue, a brown and a green. In this state however it was illegal to order them through the mail plus necessary to drive quite far to an optical shop so I gave up my eye color phase. Just had a thought! Perhaps mail order contacts are legal now because after all, they passed the law that enables people to shoot fireworks and firecrackers seven days a week and long after dark which I wrote about last summer.

Note to self: check into that


Believe it or not, I started this post at 0330 because I was frustrated just lying there not being able to sleep due to my head. Then I picked at it from time to time as the day/evening progressed. Should have probably taken two Tylenol…




5 thoughts on “Doctor Rant*******

  1. Actually my PCP’s office rang me yesterday to say there was an rx there for me to pick up and take to pharmacy. I said, “There is???” He ordered me #30 pain pills. Dumbfounded! Of course he ordered the type that when I took them after major orthopedic surgery they made me jumpy but suppose that’s better than lying awake almost all night because every little noise sounds like a jackhammer and you just want to rip your eyeballs out. I haven’t used them yet but nice to know I have something to get me through till Botox.

  2. That sounds absolutely wretched. I hope the pain pills are helping you and I hope that they’re able to get you in sooner. I have to see in neurologist/ophthalmologist next month. I’ve had to wait 30 days for a “urgent” appointment. They have me on a wait list as well, so hopefully I can get in sooner.

  3. Oh can I sympathize! My daughter had severely impacted wisdom teeth removed (all 4) this summer. When they were finishing her up I went to pay the copay and get her prescription only to be told ” the doctor doesn’t prescribe them routinely anymore”! Anybody I’ve ever known including me who had wisdom teeth removed had bad pain and you leave with a prescription. Told her to take Tylenol. Then she developed something called dry sockets where 2 teeth were pulled. My daughters pretty tough from playing field hockey and track but we never saw her in so much pain. Called the oral surgeon & the receptionist started giving my wife the run around but wife won & we took daughter in. That’s when he said dry sockets. Hurt so bad that when he put a packing or whatever it was in the holes she looked like she was going to faint.He prescribed pain meds & was telling my wife that it was standard to give them follow g wisdom teeth removal until a few yrs ago when the state started cracking down on them. I’m as disgusted by it as you are because we pay the price for those who abuse etc.

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