Disgraced and repugnant former Lieutenant and Operations Commander for the Cherokee County GA  School Police Department is at it again.

I last wrote about this depraved person in my post of October 14, 2016 entitled

Daniel Peabody ~ Georgia Cop And Serial Dog Killer

He stands accused of the murder of three (3) dogs; K9 Inka, a Belgiun Malinois, by leaving her in a hot car, retired K9 Dale whom Peabody asked to keep upon Dale’s retirement at the early age of six (6) because he was “very attached” to him. So attached that shortly after Dale retired Peabody executed the  Golden Labrador with a bullet to the back of his head. He’s admitted to the killing but has not disclosed the location of Dale’s body. When police excavated the lawn of Peabody’s former home expecting to find Dale’s remains, instead they discovered a third unknown dog; an older female Belgian Malinois they suspect might have been K9 Inka’s grandmother. Her death was also from a bullet to the back of the head. Despite admitting guilt at the time, Peabody pled “Not Guilty” on October 12, 2016.

That’s because Peabody thinks he’s the injured party. Most do. Psychopaths appear to view the world and others instrumentally, as theirs for the taking. They’re typically profoundly selfish and lack emotion  Peabody considers himself invincible. As did Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy,  Zodiac Killer ~ the list goes on. They all had  specific proclivities; women, men, children, farm animals and with Peabody ~ working dogs.

This was evident in testimony he gave on December 1, 2016 when his attorneys filed a motion to  quash the  indictment against him. 🎥 (his arrogance is evident in his testimony)

Let’s hope the judge reviewing this motion sees it for what it really is and denies the defense’s request. Because despite what Peabody stated while on the stand, HE left K9 Inka to die a slow and agonizing  death in a chamber of oppressive heat. Not to mention the other dogs he killed by shooting them in the back of the head.  Will be interesting to see what scheme he comes up with to explain their executions. Wonder if, like K9 Inka, he’ll claim he was on duty…

I’ve opted not to show a picture of the crate K9 Inka was trapped in but if you look at this photo, you can see it in the rear of the car.



Goodbye Sweet Girl…

💔💔💔 I am SO sorry that your handler is a murdering piece of waste.💔💔💔

4 thoughts on “Former Cop And Serial Dog Killer Dan Peabody ~ Manipulative As Ever…

  1. There aren’t even words to describe this so called human. And from watching several news videos of him talking I think you’re right about psychopathic behavior. I read there’s a difference but not much between psychopaths & sociopaths but he’s definitely one. Trying to say he was on duty when Inka died in his hot car? Hope he goes to prison

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