I don’t even know where to begin. I called the specialty practice on October 6 (the day I fell in my vet’s parking lot) and after two weeks they called back and gave me an appointment to see an optometrist on November 1. She said I had a lot of scar tissue on the corneas and recommended they be removed by a laser procedure called a YAG. She offered to RX me glasses then but I said I’d wait for the YAG as it might possibly change my distance vision. She also highly recommended Restasis for dry eyes, a problem I have. She said they would set me up with Dr. Garvey, an ophthalmologist within the practice for the YAG. The receptionist gave me an appointment for December 6.

No one ever said it was for a meet and greet! Not to mention that this doctor was obviously in a hurry. I told her I haven’t been able to drive for  months because I don’t want to endanger  other drivers. Yet less than 15 minutes later she told me when I come back for the YAG, come early in the day so I have time for everything to wear off before I drive home. I reminded her I gave up driving several months ago. Then she said, “Oh you must take public transportation”. I debated whether I should smack her then or wait till later because when she initially greeted me she asked where Rangeley was and I told her it was a 2.5 hour drive one way. I mentioned the Restasis and she had nothing positive to say about it at all and discouraged it’s use. She told me the scar tissue was minimal and shouldn’t really be affecting my vision. Honest to God I sat on my hands at that point. She said she would start with the right eye then I would come back for the left. I told her I had previously had punctul plugs which were like manna from heaven (small inserts that go into lower tear duct thus keeping moisture in and easing the dryness of eyes). I told her the first ones that were put in came out within a week so the next pair were buried deep. Told her that were like manna from heaven for over a year until I had sinus surgery in January 2015 and the blood that forcibly comes out from your tear ducts must have dislodged them. She went to see if they had any (God in a huge 4 level multi practitioner practice like that why wouldn’t they???)  I heard her tell the tech in the hallway “I know I know I’ll be right there. I’m hurrying”. She came back in, inserted the plugs (which looked awfully small) and told me the left one was “probably going to come out”. I agreed and told her it felt like it would (not my first punctal plug rodeo). She flew off. I went to the receptionist who gave me an appointment for January 31. I told her the punctul plug was already dislodging and she said “Call me if it does” It was gone by the time we got home and the right one came out about 9am today. I called the receptionist, left a voice mail at 10:30am but never heard back. Then I decided to call the optometrist I’d seen in the practice on November 1. Figured since they make you wait months for appointments I’d make mine now. Left a voice mail there as well. A girl called me back about 4pm. She told me that I couldn’t make the appointment until I had the YAG procedure (a direct contradiction of what the optometrist had told me). Well at the rate they book I won’t have the second YAG until February and be seen for glasses in March so why couldn’t I make an appointment now to cut down the wait time?  She said the optometrists receptionist was off today but she’s leave a message for her to call me. $20 says she doesn’t. Then she made a huge mistake. She told me people my age have visual issues and it’s part of the aging process. I JUST TURNED 50 IN NOVEMBER!!! She said “I know how you feel” I told her not to patronize me as she had no idea how I felt. That all this is because I lost my glasses while hiking the Appalachian Trail; that I had zero difficulty seeing prior to that incident and that I’d never worn glasses for reading but now I cannot even see the floor in my own house. So unless she REALLY knows how someone feels as an advanced practice healthcare professional I recommend she refrain from condescending remarks.

I am so stressed over this that I’m grinding my teeth so badly during the night that I’ve destroyed my custom made bite guard. Now I think I’ve damaged the root of a tooth because it hurts like hell. Had this happen once before and had to have  dental implants. I’ve gained 30# from inactivity and rarely leave the house for fear of falling. If I could I would sue my former ophthalmologist of 10 years but the laws are very limited in Maine. I had a two part hysterectomy  for what was really a kidney stone and there was nothing I could do. Partial hysterectomy in January and full one three months later in April. I woke up in Recovery Room with the same pain. I lived with it until October when a doctor who was merely a friend asked why I always looked gray. After having a meltdown in front of him he said “I’ll order you a STAT IVP (test) for tomorrow morning. By the time I got home from the hospital there was a message from him asking that I call ASAP. Turns out I had the mother lode of kidney stones and they had to go in surgically from my back to remove it.

This sucks and now I probably need $$$ dental work.  The only thing I’m sure of is I am NOT having any procedures done by the doctor I saw yesterday. If she cannot pay attention to what I’m saying then she’s not getting within 10 feet of my eyes.


She Who Needs A Walker because I’m so freaking old and decrepit. Yet I banged out the highest mountain in this state , Mount Katahdin, in less than a half day. And THAT was  my starting point! After that I entered and completed the 100 Mile Wilderness. Oh but wait! I could still see then.

6 thoughts on “My Eyes……

  1. I’m so sorry about what happened at the eye docs. Honestly if Maine is anything like that foul mouthed governor no wonder care is substandard. I wouldn’t want to live there – couldn’t pay me enough.

    1. Yes he is a nasty mother person. Tried to emulate the pugilistic style of Gov Chris Christie but fails miserable as bristle has class whereas LePage is simply an ass.

  2. Oh no! I am SO disappointed, I am so sorry. How absolutely soul destroying and depressing, I was looking forward to hearing how it had all been sorted out. 😦 Why, if the U.S. is one of the wealthiest countries, can it not provide a decent level of care for its people and surely could afford to institute something like the N.H.S. we have.
    Be careful with your teeth, clove oil could help with the pain…
    Honestly, I am so disappointed for you but I admire your strength in that you didn’t punch the doctor or the receptionist…xxx

    1. I wanted to trust me. I was so ripped that night I can’t remember exactly what I wrote but both punctal plugs are out. Par of the onus is on me as I should have questioned my original surgeon more. Instead I went along with him which is unusual for me. But I’ve been with him ince he established his practice and we shared commonalities; dogs, hiking (even wear same brand boots) plus he adopted two children awn as someone who was adopted we had many chats about the importance of introducing their culture to them. Just to help shape their form of identity. So I became too comfortable and didn’t question. My first clue was when I saw his other parents ~ could have been my grandparents. Hindsight (when I get mine back) is truly 20-20. Going to work on losing the weight I gained by snowshoeing Do it in a large field well bundles so if I fall no big deal. I sort of resemble the Michelin Man (not sure if you have those commercials over there).Plus I use poles so should be good. If not I’m sure I could rig a snow blade on my walker!!!

      1. Amazing courage and determination-truly pleased to know you 🙂
        That’s the problem you encounter with the medical profession though, because they are in a position of trust you tend to accept what they have to say unquestioningly…as you say, hindsight. Could have done with that before I trusted my surgeon with removing a lump from my foot..still have lump, no feeling in three toes (weird when walking) and a horrible scar too…
        Lol-yes, we have the Michelin Man, just be careful! And you have snow?!

  3. This is absolutely ridiculous. No one’s quality of life should be so severely impacted over something that sounds like a somewhat easy fix. You are willing to drive all that distance yet still get jerked around and made to wait even longer. I honestly don’t I understand how our healthcare system became so flawed, how doctors lost their sense of compassion.I can’t even blame it on Obama care as its been like this since before then. While I think its worse under his plan,it wasn’t so great to begin with. As for doctors lacking compassion, the blame is squarely on their shoulders.

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