In 1789 George Washington, as the first president of the United States gave his inaugural speech in New York. In 2016 Republican Donald Trump was elected our 45th president and on Jan 20, 2017, gave his inaugural speech in Washington DC. Both during the ceremony and long after, our nation’s capital was full of protesters. Today there is the Women’s March on Washington 2017 which is a massive march calling on supporters to fight and oppose the Trump administration. Live media coverage report there is half a million women at the Capital Mall in addition to flooding the streets of Washington.


I don’t have an issue with protests because throughout history civil unrest has often led to much-needed change. What I do take umbrage to is civil disobedience. Breaking storefront windows, bank windows, jumping on cars until the windshields are shattered and setting trash cans and cars afire ~ this helps your cause how? I’d really like someone to explain to me because I don’t understand how the destruction of property and attacking innocent people furthers a political agenda or for that matter, any agenda!

Raw Footage From Inaugural Protests

Democrats and Republicans have become more ideologically polarized than ever. If there was any doubt the violent, flag burning protests immediately following the November 8 election then again on Inauguration Day certainly dispelled them. We are a country divided unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed which begs the question ~ why are Americans so angry?

News link from ABC with videos

News link from Reuters with picture slide show

According to Washington DC police, protesters threw rocks and bricks at police. Six D.C. police officers were injured during the altercations. 217 protesters were arrested.

Even worse were the vitriolic social media posts made by adults about Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron. No matter which party you support, children are off-limits. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. Yet here is a Tweet by Katie Rich, an SNL writer.


Why? What kind of responsible adult would post such a sick joke about a child? And she wasn’t alone.

Two of these people refer to themselves as “professional writers”. Of what? Bathroom humor? And why? Because their candidate lost? Every election year someone’s candidate loses yet America doesn’t see these kinds of violent and cruel acts.

It shouldn’t matter what your political party, nothing condones this behavior because to engage in it YOU become the uncivilized one. YOU become the very thing you protest.


8 thoughts on “Why Are Americans So Angry?

  1. Bad mouthing anyone’s child is mean,nasty and shows a level of ignorance. If you don’t like the parents so be it but kids are definitely off limits.

  2. Great post! I agree that the country is polarized and it seems to be getting worse. My wife and I talked about this and all we can do is wait it out and see what happens.

  3. I’m sorry for saying it but excluding the riots, I feel the Right is finally getting the opposition it deserves for too many reasons to count. Still, no excuse for window-smashing, car burning or bullying kids.

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