I used to enjoy Twitter because with somewhat impaired vision it was easy to hold the iPad mini close to my face and either read, RT, or send a tweet. With a limit of 140 characters, it was simple and didn’t require Siri or a dictating app. It took awhile but I finally had the settings adjusted so that gruesome animal photos didn’t appear in my timeline. I basically use Twitter for funny memes and K9 tweets. It became nasty leading up to the election in November and downright vicious after the election results. People seemed to divide based on political affiliation. Many from both parties had their Twitter accounts suspended because of hateful tweets. Social media brewed morally repugnant extremism; conspiracy theories, pedophile rings, white supremacy, Satanic rituals, fake news and Pizzagate. Users quickly divided into two groups ~ the libs and the alt-right.


And I still haven’t figured out  Pepe the Frog  except it belongs to the alt-right.


The alt-rights are also referring to themselves as the Deplorables and the liberals are being called Snowflakes. I’m clueless on both.

The alt-right is joining a new social media site called Gab  which promises no censorship. Someone told me there was a several week wait; I took a pass as it just doesn’t appeal to me.

I’ve never been a heavy social media user. Never felt the need to post a breakdown of my daily routine on the internet. I’m not saying it’s wrong but rather it’s just not for me.


I actually began to enjoy blogging for the short time before my “eye surgery gone wrong”.


Now it takes twice as long (if not longer) because the dictating app doesn’t “get” my accent. I’m not offended however because most Mainers don’t understand me either.

So I’m counting down the days till my right eye is repaired on Jan 31 and praying they don’t make my next appointment 3 months out. Sasha saw the vet today and he told me that because of a severe storm warning for Tuesday, his dentist’s office called to reschedule an appointment he made months ago. His new appointment? June! At least I know it’s not just me.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Has Gone Crazy…

  1. I saw a couple about Trump’s son… I think that’s unnecessary. You shouldn’t involve kids whatever their parents’ politics. I don’t understand a lot about U.S. politics, other than they seem very divisive…like Brexit here LOL!

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