This is going to differ a bit from my usual posts in that I’m foregoing my usual photo inserts and won’t be overly wordy. I had my left eye repaired on Tuesday and can see the floor even more clearly. It was quite an unusual day because usually, they are extremely prompt in taking you into the exam room. However, due to several emergencies, they were running really behind. I had to wait 3 hours for my procedure.My appointment was at 2 pm but I didn’t leave till 5:15 pm. I kept myself occupied by listening to the rather old patient in the exam room next to mine and since had to change rooms a few times was treated to the joy of several rather loud patients. Let me preface the next part by saying as a nurse I’ve met many “older” senior citizens (80+) and have come to the conclusion they fall into two categories. The first is composed of sweet lovely people who personify manners often long forgotten. The other category is the constant whining complainer, usually non-stop and loud. They are demanding and obnoxious. The patients heard from neighboring exam rooms on Tuesday fall into the latter category.  I truly love seniors for they represent the past which is often forgotten. I used to enjoy talking to them when I worked overnight and one had insomnia. If I knew they immigrated to America I loved asking about their homeland, Ellis Island etc. But the nasty ones made an overnight shift seem 24 hours long so I really sympathized with the staff at the eye center that day.

When I finally had my procedure it was shorter than the first one as I didn’t have as much scar tissue. I have a checkup next week then on March 7 an appointment to get fitted for new glasses plus contacts.

But the drive home! Because of the various drops used in my eye, every car light, street lamp, and store sign appeared as gigantic colorful arcs. I was so glad I had my $2  zebra striped hooker sunglasses with me. I suppose the light show was similar to what the late Timothy Leary described when he talked about tripping the light fantastic with LSD.


11 thoughts on “Into The Light At Last…

  1. Welcome to the land of the light. Takes a hell of a long time in your state to get a medical issue fixed though. Crazy. Almost as crazy as Gravatar not showing my avi anymore. Making me nuts. Love the cat BTW. You do use some cool pics I gotta say.

  2. No special drops just my usual lubricating ones as I have dry eyes. I still get a bit emotional at times when talking about being able to finally see the floor in my house. Such a small thing yet to lose it so quickly. Now I have to drop the pounds I gained and I’ll be thrilled. Was going to begin waking today but raining. Still use cheater glasses but within a few weeks they’re getting tossed. Thank heavens they were cheap ($1.99) as I kept having to go up in strength plus have them all over the house. We counted and 11 pairs! hahahah🤓🤓🤓

    1. RIP Dee i will miss you so much it was such a shock to hear of your passing, your daughter posted on your facebook page that you passed from ALS; i did not know you suffered from ALS, we shared so many things i am confused why you did not share that with me. If anyone knew Dee and you could fill in some blanks for me i would appreciate it.

  3. I agree with Andy, sure took long enough. But at least the biggest part is over and soon new glasses. Just curious – you going to try and get ones like the cat? Timothy Leary, what a character he was. Very intelligent but loved his highs!

      1. I just read this and am so sorry to hear about Dee. I have not heard from her for a very long time. If you do get a reply from her daughter do message me, I would want to offer my condolences. My email is I am so shocked to read about her from you. It’s really good of you to reach out to her readers here.

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