I Am Not A Bigot But I Love Bears…

I Am Not A Bigot But I Love Bears…

You’re probably wondering what the correlation is between bigotry and bears; I would be confused by the title as well. I follow a blog whose author has often espoused racial or ethnic opinions. On this topic we are polar opposites for I embrace ethnic diversity, one of the many things I miss being planted in the New England mountains when my roots remain forever rooted in NJ. I judge all people by how they present themselves; are they kind, honest, sincere? It doesn’t matter to me if they attend a synagogue, a mosque or practice Buddhism. I don’t care if they wear a yarmulke, chapel veil, kufi, burka or hijab. I’ve read many prejudicial comments made against Muslims based solely on their religion when in fact they have become a seemingly ubiquitous part of our national culture.


Where this particular blogger and I agree however  is animal welfare and animal abuse. We believe in the preservation of life and humane treatment of animals, sentient living beings. I was making an effort today to catch up on the many blog posts I’ve missed the past months as I’ve been involved with my German Shepherd; traveling to veterinary appointments and transitioning her medical journey from Facebook to WordPress.

I was making good progress, taking my time to truly connect with each blog entry and offer my thoughts. Then it happened. I moved on to the “controversial” blog and was rather offended by a response to a post the blog owner had written (in addition to his overt bigotry). As an animal lover, he had posted the tragic story of Pedals, a NJ black bear who was reportedly killed by a hunter during NJ’s first expanded  black bear hunt which allowed archery for the first time in decades.  The fact that the majority of bears were killed in the exact area where my roots are is extremely disturbing but I’ll refrain from elaborating on my distain for both bear hunts and the methods allowed in many states. 

Pedals walked as a biped because of injuries to his two front paws with one paw even thought to be missing. He was an iconic presence in Northern NJ and had a huge Facebook following. Videos taken by residents who captured him ambulating in an upright position captivated viewers globally and many mainstream media outlets did extensive features on him. Yet a hunter, who had boasted for (3) years that he would “take out Pedals” appeared at a weigh station last week in Green Pond which is in Rockaway, with a dead bear that had upper limb/paw injuries that were consistent with those believed to have disabled Pedals. Furthermore, state biologists photographed the dead bear and will issue the photos to the public in the near future. Needless to say the thought of a hunter deliberately stalking and then killing a disabled bear who had never harmed a human in any way has disturbed thousands of people, even those who hunt. The administrator of Pedals Facebook page made this heart wrenching announcement on October 14. The Gothamist even wrote that  Pedals was assassinated.

Which brings me to how I became involved in the comment on the controversial blog’s post about Pedals. The commenter, articulate and intelligent, thought the blog owner was straying from the “real issues” facing the white race by posting about the killing of a bear.


I simply could not refrain from replying to the commenter as he was referring to my “home turf” plus overt prejudice was disturbing. I haven’t gone back to see if my comment was even approved. As most people know, I respect one’s right to privacy and usually don’t reblog a post or write personal information about other people without their consent. Therefore I’ve chosen to copy and paste my response in it’s entirety (I purposely omitted a few personal details from my original response).

I take umbrage at your thoughts and allow me to tell you why. Although currently planted in New England, my roots are in the area of NJ where Pedals lived. Our world consists of many vile two legged creatures but Pedals was not one of them.  He was bipedal due to  injuries that he managed to rise above. Pedals was an icon, photographed and written about by media outlets across the globe. For a piece of human hubris to murder a disabled animal not out of kindness because the animal was suffering but for bragging rights makes this hunter no better than the unsavory elements that threaten to destroy our way of life. Our planet has coexisted with wildlife for thousands of years. The killing of an innocent disabled bear that has never harmed a human is senseless and tragic. The hunters identity will be revealed because men with tiny penises and huge egos always out themselves sooner or later. Or someone from the weigh station where he tagged and bagged will spill ~ never fails. It’s located in Rockaway ~ a community I know extremely well.

There is nothing to separate the mindset of Petal’s killer from the minds of sexual predators  who rape, videotape  and murder innocent children just so they can “brag”. Remember, I hail (and quite proudly) from NJ, a state that, following the rape and murder of (7) year old Megan Kanka on July 29,1994, enacted Megan’s Law on Oct. 31, 1994 in an unprecedented 89 days. There is nothing to separate him from the Muslims/Islamists/Whatever They’re Calling Themselves who use suicide bombs to kill scores of innocent lives believing their own deaths will entitle them to meet their 27 virgins. In contrast the cell type control of al-Qaeda allowed them to control  operations from afar where they remained safe and protected while those desperate to please did their bidding.

The BLM is really a leaderless movement that promotes an ideology of violence and  “Whitey owes me”and “Cops target me”.  Sadly, institutions like Georgetown only perpetuate BLM’s misguided beliefs by its announcement last month that descendants of slaves would receive “preferential treatment during the admission process”. I don’t know which is more dangerous, BLM which operates as a lone wolf fringe element in EveryTown USA or their predecessors, the Black Liberation Army (BLA) which by contrast was extremely organized. Many today still pay homage to JoAnn Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur thought by some to be the de facto leader living happily in Cuba where she has been protected and oft revered for her past. For what it’s worth, BLM idolizes her and often chant part of a letter she wrote called “To My People” while incarcerated after being found guilty for the execution style murder of  NJ State Trooper Werner Foerster on May 2, 1973  (she was in several prisons ). She escaped from the NJ Clinton Correctional Facility for Women in 1979.  Activists and followers of ALL skin colors hid this bank robber, attempted murderer, kidnapper, and finally cop killer for several years until Cuba granted her asylum in in the mid 80’s where she has lived freely for over three decades. Since living there, she has changed her name to Assata Shakur,  earned a graduate degree, written (5) books and become a celebrity ~ imagine that. Did I mention that she’s also the godmother and aunt of the late rapper Tupac Shakur? Fred Baker, 1933 ~ 2011, was a director,  producer and actor often associated with the subversive, underground filmmakers of the 1960s and 70s.  His last directing effort in 2008 was a biographical movie entitled, “Assata aka Joanne Chesimard,” whose premise was that she was falsely convicted. Chesimard  portrayed herself in the film. I checked before I wrote this post and the DVD is available on Amazon for $29.95.  Amazon is even kind enough to print a review:

Editorial Reviews

is about the black liberationist Assata Shakur, aka Joanne Chesimard, a charismatic young Black Panther in the 1960’s who was targeted by J. Edgar Hoover’s Cointelpro illegal murderous offensive to neutralize radical Black leaders. She was wounded in a police shootup on the N.J.Turnpike in 1973; falsely convicted of killing a NJ State Trooper; sentenced to Life in prison, she escaped miraculously to find exile and freedom in Castro’s Cuba…where she lives to this day. Her life story is told and revered by thousands of young followers world-wide who see in her a female Che Guevera, an heroic freedom fighter for equality and an end to racial oppression and injustice for all people.

When sold by Amazon.com, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Amazon.com’s standard return policy will apply.

 Some of her most blatant lies can be read here; see the fuel that helps fire the BLM decades later. Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police had strong feeling about Chesimard and Cuba even prior to the start of Obama’s intervention to restore diplomacy.

A convicted murderer is being harbored by a country our President is normalizing  diplomatic relations with for the first time in over 50 years.  Let’s ignore her crimes in the US and reward her for escaping to a foreign country by selling her books on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com ($12.92 on both sites). Let’s not forget that the US granted asylum to thousands of balseros until the mid 90’s when Clinton instituted some “policy change”. I will forever applaud NJ Gov. Chris Christie for his loud demands (ignored of course) that our administration demand Chesimard’s  return. Yet I don’t  blame an entire race or culture for these atrocious acts but rather an element within a culture. I have news for you;  many horrific crimes against man have been committed by whites. Perhaps you’ve heard of Adolph Hitler? Should society harbor a hatred of all Germans because of the warped actions of one who through charisma and intimidation had many followers? The  problem  with  most  like you is  that  you employ selective memory,  that is  often  never with a contextual  basis.  As to Chesimard?

We’re waiting for her.

My one lingering question on Chesimard is why a covert operation like the Mossad’s “Wrath of God” assassination team never took her out…

We share our world with despicable humans yet we cannot allow our disgust for them and their abhorrent actions to harden our hearts to the amazing beauty that Mother Earth still offers. Morning dew on a leaf, rabbits darting out from a shrub, deer  running in a field. A lone flower blooming in a dry and trash strewn city lot. The innocent laughter of a baby or the blush of a teen when they develop their first crush. If we focus all our energy on the horror, we lose some of our own humanity and I for one refuse to allow the despots of this world to take that from me. And that my friend is why we mourn the loss of an innocent animal,  a disabled bear who brought smiles to the faces of people all over the world as they watched his videos.

Video of Pedals June 21, 2016 (courtesy of NJ.com)

Video of Pedals 2015  (courtesy of John Sand)      

Video of Pedals Sept. 28, 2015 (courtesy of Inna Rabinovich)

Video of Pedals June 22, 2016  (courtesy of Shattered Paradigm)


And lest anyone forget ~ Trooper Werner Foerster


NJ State Trooper, husband and father



Trooper Werner Foerster

EOW May 2, 1973

He gave his life upholding the New Jersey State Police tradition 

imagesBlessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God. (Matthew 5:9)


K9 Deaths; A Minor Accomplishment …

K9 Deaths; A Minor Accomplishment …

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Partially because I’ve been working on getting my German Shepherd Sasha’s blog online
 and up to date. But I’ve also taken my passion for K9s who die unnecessarily because of handler negligence to a new level. An “I’m in your face and not going away” kind of level. Many animal activists have attempted to enlist me in their causes but emotionally I know my limitations. I’m aware of the dog trade in China, the killing of whales and the lucrative trophy hunting industry but I simply cannot look at graphic images nor participate in campaigns.
What I can do however is use my voice to  both raise public awareness and put pressure on police departments to take punitive action when a K9 officer dies because a handler left the dog in a closed squad car while he ran errands, went to the fair, or helped a friend fix a lawnmower – all in 90 F heat. Departments  have historically circled the wagons around handlers, referring to K9 deaths as “tragic accidents”. Yes its tragic but it’s definitely not an accident.  No responsible law enforcement officer “forgets” his partner, a dog so highly trained  and committed to its job they put themselves in harm’s way to protect the handler. And for the most part, K9 handlers are phenomenal in the care they give their 4 legged partners. Sadly these excellent human/dog teams are being eclipsed by the heinous cruelty of a few. Former Lt. Dan Peabody,  Cherokee County GA, left K9 Inka, 4-year-old  Belgium Malinois, in his hot patrol car where she died ~ suffering terribly in the process as death is neither swift nor kind. Peabody was so emotionally distraught he had to be treated at the hospital. Soon however the dark side emerged, the evil that embodied Dan Peabody  revealed who he really was, a serial dog killer. For not only did he allow K9 Inka to literally roast to death, but he executed his retired K9 Dale ~ a  yellow lab. When authorities excavated Peabody’s yard expecting to find K9 Dale’s remains,  they instead found a third dog who’d been shot in the back of the head. The dog, a female,  had been approximately 10 years old at the time of  death. Since the body exhumed was also a Belgium Malinois, authorities believe the dead female  may have been K9 Inka’s grandmother. Peabody by all accounts seemed “normal”. Heavily tattooed and muscular, he was the affable police lieutenant who, with K9 Inka, was assigned to the Cherokee County School District. As the evidence demonstrated, he was anything but normal. And he’s among a handful of police whose K9 partners have died as a direct result of their callous and irresponsible behaviors. I’ve previously written about K9 Totti  in PA and K9 Bak in OK.  K9 Bak was left in the hot car for over  37 hours without food, water, ventilation;  his handler never once checked on him. Instead, he smelled K9 Bak’s body on the way to work! Yet these are the same individuals we are taught to turn to for help? That their job is to protect us? I wouldn’t trust the care of a houseplant to these irresponsible officers whose negligence causes the deaths of excellent K9 officers in a most excruciating way. Just think about being locked in a hot car and fighting for every  breath until you couldn’t breathe anymore! Very heart wrenching and inexcusable!



The further I dig the more appalled, no make that outraged, I become. Not just with the police but the sick sadistic predators in society who are committing more and more hateful and egregious acts of cruelty against domestic animals. Raping a dog, sodomizing a puppy, strangling kittens with USB cords, stealing and  dismembering a family dog. Is this today’s norm? Has society really disintegrated to the point where people of all ages brutally abuse animals and think its acceptable? Or has it been going on all along but now the burgeoning of  social media brings the horror to our computers and tablets? In a recent case at Baylor University in TX,  Ishmael Zamora was given a 3 game suspension  by the football team after a video appeared online of him beating his young Rottweiler with a belt and kicking him to the point where the dog cried in pain. All because the poor Rottie had a pee accident.

At Missouri State College, yet another football player abused his neighbors dog Luca  whom he was entrusted to watch. Breck Ruddick admitted to “loosing his cool”, striking the 42# dog then allowing him to run away while bleeding. The owner put out an urgent plea on social media and a woman who found the injured and still bleeding dog quickly brought him home. Luca had been struck so hard that his jaw was shattered. Not broken ~ shattered! He required surgery, had 6 teeth removed and received numerous sutures.

In Florida a 20-year-old  UFC student severely abused his 17 week old puppy eventually causing the pups death. Luke Stribling  kicked and punched  his Shibu Inu puppy Julian, also for pee pee accidents. He was ticketed for cruelty in June yet the puppy remained with him until he finally killed him at 17 weeks old!! During the first veterinarian visit (for a broken leg) the vet said Julian had multiple fractures both old and new and that the pup literally shook from severe pain.  She asked Stribling why he didn’t seek medical care earlier for the pain Julian was in; Stribling said he didn’t know. Less than 2 weeks later Stribling  brought the dead puppy to a different vet who notified authorities. Investigators said an autopsy indicated the puppy had suffered severe internal injuries, including a hemorrhaged eye, liver and brain. An innocent puppy, a living sentient being. Tortured and killed for what? Urinating in the student’s apartment? Death at barely  4 months combined with the timeline of his injuries clearly show Julian was abused for most of his life since Stribling got the pup at 8 weeks old.

It takes a very sick and malicious person to do this to any living creature but it’s especially heinous when it’s done to a defenseless animal. Or a K9 officer. Animals look to us for guidance, love, nourishment and safety yet some humans are incapable of rendering the most basic of things.  We have to be their voice for they’re being abused, tortured and killed at an alarming rate. And many by youth who for all intent and purpose represent the leaders of tomorrow. I shudder to think how our country will thrive with evil at the helm.

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As to the title and header picture for this post? It refers to Deputy Tommy Willcox of Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Alachua County  FL. I’ve been writing and tweeting about him for what seems forever. A brief synopsis about Deputy Willcox. On July 8, 2016 Willcox put his partner K9 Robbie, a 6½-year-old Belgian Malinois, into his squad car at the end of a shift and drove home.  He left K9 Robbie in the car while he went to meet his family at another location. Yes the car was equipped with a safety monitoring system to detect heat but ONLY works if the car is running!  Safety monitoring system aside, how does one “forget” their partner of SIX YEARS? On a day so hot (98) it almost broke a previous record set in 1991? In that type of heat a dog will begin to experience distress in a matter of minutes. K9 Officer Robbie was named after Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Robert J. Miller of Oviedo, FL who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2008. K9 Robbie however was simply murdered by his partner in America after faithfully serving the department for 6 years. Wilcox had another K9, Kozar, that he adopted when the dog retired. In 2008, Wilcox said Kozar was limping and going blind so this Floridian example of toxic waste had his buddy put on a bite sleeve,  engage Kozar in bite work while Wilcox took his weapon and shot Kozar to death. Wilcox said he considered it a humane form of euthanasia and Sheriff Sadie Darnell supported his decision because Wilcox grew up on on a pig farm .  Sheriff Darnell said “Wilcox had killed more than 100 animals – mostly pigs – that same way.”

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Who gets off in any way, shape or form by being cruel to animals? It is one of the most baffling and sickening psychological perversions I’ve ever encountered. I believe that penalties for the mistreatment of animals must be harsher and more strictly enforced. These people don’t belong among us. Some say, “They’re only animals…” Exactly. Abuse an animal, go to jail. For a long time! And Deputy Wilcox was at the top of my list because there was and still is no way I can condone or even undestand his culpability in the death of TWO dogs. So my campaign began. I stated a media firestorm, targeting not only the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and Alachua County but all the Florida media, the Chamber of Commerce, and Tourism Bureau. Let’s put it like this, if there was a organization I found them. I sent Tweets jointly to the Sheriff’s Office  and the County asking how long before Wilcox killed the next K9? I actually scheduled my tweets to ensure I didn’t forget. Finally on Oct  3, three months after K9 Robbie’s death, Deputy Wilcox was suspended for 6 days without pay and removed from the K-9 unit where he had been the lead trainer. While it won’t bring Robbie back nor give Kozar the end of life treatment he deserved,  it’s a small step forward ~ I’ll take it.


The first to sense the hostility of a suspect,
The first to react to protect his master.
The first to enter where danger lurks.
The first to detect the hidden intruder.
The first to take action against violence.
The first to sense his master’s joy.
The first to know his master’s sorrow or fear.
The first to give his life in defense of his master.
The last to be forgotten by those who work with others like him.
They know him as a “Partner,” not just an animal.