Recipes 2

Trail Cooking

Chef Glen’s Rice Tips

For the next one, omit pancetta because the rice won’t dehydrate well with oils from the meat. Omit olive oil; use white or cooking wine to sautée onions:

Pancetta and Saffron Rice

Gingered Brown Rice

Omit the sesame oil. Can pack sesame seeds to add to FCB:

Chicken and Veggie Quinoa

Saute in wine:

Guatemalan Rice & Beans with Coconut Milk

Just always sauté with wine – you get the drill:

Pecan Rice

Used his recipe for all my brown rice, just omit butter. Soooo easy! I doubled it and baked in a lasagna pan:

Alton Brown’s Baked Brown Rice

For this recipe I used lite coconut milk (not cream) in a can. Also don’t dehydrate with tomatoes:

Cuban Style Black Beans

Skip the banana. In fact, in addition to this recipe I cooked a lot of quinoa in different milks – almond, cashew, rice. I added some vanilla, sugar, cinnamon etc. and after it was done I dehydrated. I also cooked a lot of quinoa in broths. What I liked about the quinoa as opposed to cooked rice is this – I could cook the quinoa, put it in a bowl & refrigerate for the night if I had something else dehydrating. In the morning it wasn’t stuck together like rice gets when iGoyaGoyat becomes cold:

Breakfast Quinoa

Rice Pudding – one of my staples.
Like the quinoa, I cooked a variety of rices in different milks with sugar and spices. For example, I cooked white rice in almond milk, added sugar, zest of one orange, the juice of the orange, cardamom & just a tad of cinnamon. Some rice puddings I made sweeter than others. Just don’t add raisins! They won’t dehydrate well. Instead carry a small bag of raisins with you to add to your FCB.

Also, if you like Spanish food, most of the rice & bean recipes on the  Goya website dehydrate well. You can also buy Sazon spices & carry the little packs with you.

Resanbinsi (Rice and Beans with Coconut Milk

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