I’m a mother of three wonderful adult children and six phenomenal grandchildren (which I refer to as my “grands”). I live in the Western Mountains of Maine but was born and raised in New Jersey. We relocated here in the late 90’s, a move I’ve never quite adjusted to. When you’ve spent your life as an urbanite, it’s hard to become adjusted to everything being a minimum of twenty miles away, with most necessary places being a fifty mile one way drive. On the flip side, I’m surrounded by natures beauty; a sparkling river in summer, a canvas of brilliance in the fall and crisp white snow in winter. Maine has some of the most beautiful mountains and I’m  fortunate enough to be surrounded by them.

I’m also a strict vegetarian which is funny in a way because I enjoy cooking a variety of meat laden dishes for my family. Nothing is off limits with the exception of organ meats. I also don’t wear leather or fur nor use products manufactured by companies that engage in animal testing. I was pleasantly surprised when my eldest grand became a vegetarian in middle school and thought perhaps it was just a phase. However I’m happy to report that as a sophomore in college she remains a vegetarian.

I have a special affinity for vintage hats and wear them every chance I get. Many of the parishioners at church don’t know my name and refer to me as “The Hat Lady” which cracks me up because it sounds like a character on SNL. Truth is, I frequently wear hats because I have exceptionally thick wild hair that often resembles a bush. Sometimes I straighten it but usually don’t bother. Had it chemically straightened once which was manna from heaven however when I went for a second straightening over a year later chunks of hair broke off at the roots. Note to self: no more chemicals. Because my hair is so thick I get overheated easily so for hiking I wear it in two or more braids. Not your typical Gammy look but it works. In preparation for the AT I started wearing braids every day, even with a vintage hat. It’s going to be interesting to see how I fare on the trail because part of me is a “girly girl”; always matching nail polish, makeup and purses with my clothing. I even set clothing out the night before to make it easier in the morning – you get my drift. Two sets of clothes for the hike? No makeup or nail polish? I simply can’t go cold turkey so have reached a happy medium. I’m going to plop a vintage hat on when I summit Katahdin and then again when I reach the southern terminus at Springer Mountain.



The Bush
Hiker Braids
Vintage Hat
The Hat Lady


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